DNS Associates is a national accounting firm offering comprehensive accounting solutions to our clients. We are chartered accountants, Slough and are experts for contractors. With our unique approach and proactive solutions, we have helped thousands of contractors with their accounting requirements and finance management.

Contractor Accountants in Slough WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE DNS ASSOCIATES?

At DNS Associates, our focus is to combine our extensive expertise and consistent commitment to deliver the highest standard accounting services to our clients. We help contractors with accounting, taxation and enable them to take the best financial decisions. We are an award winning accounting firm and have received prestigious awards like the British Accountancy Awards 2013. With our tried and tested strategies we have been guiding clients in Slough and all across the UK.

The following are our main features:

» Vast experience in helping contractors

We have helped more than 1500 contractors across the UK with their accounting tasks

» Assurance of no penalty

If at all you incur a penalty due to our mistake, we will pay for the penalty and provide you with an additional £250

» Dedicated accounts manager for each client

This will be convenient for you as they will function as your point of contact with the company at all times and take care of your requirements

» Excellent support

We are available to clear your queries and schedule meetings whenever you want. Our team will provide you continuous support even on weekends

» IPSE certified small business accountants Slough

We are proficient in assisting contractors, freelancers and small businesses achieve their goals


While selecting an accountant to fit your demands, you need to be able to distinguish them based on the quality of services they provide. With the availability of so many accounting firms, this is never a simple job. That is why you need to assess each accountant based on their reputation, range of services they provide and their reliability.

At DNS Associates, we meet all these specifications and our competence to deliver the finest accounting solutions to our contractors is what makes us different from other accounting firms. The recognitions we have received for our excellence and the testimonials of our satisfied customers clearly demonstrate this.

Having worked with numerous contractors from health, technology, construction, management and other business sectors, we understand their requirements and execute them flawlessly. We have made a trusted name as IT Contractor Accountants, Slough.

Our main focus is to help contractors

» Stay safe from falling prey to the IR35 legislation » Save more money by following better tax planning

We give utmost importance to the satisfaction of our customers. That is why you need to pay for our services only if you are completely satisfied with them. In short, we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stay true to our claims. At DNS Associates, there is no compromise when it comes to quality.


We offer special packages to contractors at affordable rates. You can choose between our starter, basic, premium and gold packages depending on your requirements. Depending on the stage of contracting you are at, our specialists will help you carry out your tasks efficiently.

» For new contractors-

As you are entirely new to the contracting field, our experts will guide you through every step so that you can make a confident start in this sector.

We can resolve all your worries regarding the IR35 legislation. We will ensure that you comply with it and also offer protection from IR35 related risks. We will also guide you with VAT registration. Most contractors do not fully understand its advantages and hence miss out on the gains provided by VAT. We ensure that this does not happen to you. Our strategies are aimed at increasing your earnings by assisting you in making all the expense claims you are entitled to.

» For contractors using an umbrella company-

As a contractor if you choose to work using an umbrella company, you are losing a major share of what you can possibly earn. You need to spend more on National insurance and can make only few expense claims. This means you are earning far less than what you can. We advise contractors to choose this path only if they are in the contracting business for a short while and plan to leave contracting after three months or less.

» For contractors using a limited company-

As a contractor using a limited company, are you fully satisfied with the services of your accountant? Are you certain that you get the complete value for the money you pay? It is time you evaluate these things because the right accountants will pave way for your success but the wrong ones will diminish your chances of it. At DNS Associates, we offer services beyond the basic accounting tasks. We provide a comprehensive range of services for contractors and enable them to make sound financial judgments.

Our services include: • Free access to NOMISMA

Our Online software system called NOMISMA is specifically designed for contractors. It has an easy interface and can give you real time updates on your account details

• IR35 Review

Being specialists in IR35 legislation, we will guarantee you protection from the IR35 traps

• Regular accounts management

DNS is among the few accounting firms which offer regular management accounts. This will give you a clear understanding of your finances and you can take good decisions accordingly.

• Guidance on expense claim

DNS will guide you on making expense claims that you are entitled to and thus help you save more. As top tax accountants, Slough we have immense proficiency in tax planning and use these strategies to benefit you in the best possible way.

• Mobile app for customers • Advice on how to handle HMRC enquiries • Payroll


We are contractor accountants Slough with extensive experience in helping contractors tackle different challenges. From IR35 reviews to making the best expense claims, our expert team will guarantee that you receive nothing short of the best quality solutions. Our services are also available to contractors in Windsor, Maidenhead, Egham, Harrow, Woking and Wembley.

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