• DNS has helped thousands of contractors to choose what is best for them.
    Our strong customer focus is what makes us unique!
  • Knowing your contractors are in safe hands, gives you
    complete peace of mind
    • FCSA and Professional Passport accredited
    • Very strong focus on compliance
    • Extensive knowledge of legislations affecting recruiters and contractors
    • Outstanding support and bespoke services

Awards and Accreditations

Why Work With Us?

Recruitment agencies scout the best talent in the market and recruit them to suit their client needs, spending significant amount of time and resources only to lose them due to non-compliance/poor service/delay in payments and other issues from third party suppliers. We as a company understand how critical this is for agencies and therefore take a very meticulous and diligent approach in dealing with contractors.

For over a decade, DNS has been supporting agencies with accountancy and payroll solutions for their flexible workforce. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the contracting industry ensures you get the right level of support and the contractors receive the best advice and service. Recruitment agencies have created a significant market value bringing forth great opportunities for the workforce in the local UK market. We value this and aim to deliver a solution which is second to none.