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It’s hard to run a successful business without management accounts. Although it’s not a legal requirement, most businesses produce them on a monthly or quarterly basis.

It’s worth producing them as they’ll give you insight into historical performance, but they also include forward looking things like sales, cash flow and profit forecasts. Management accounts will help you take control today and make better decisions for tomorrow.


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There are huge benefits to having regular management accounts,
here’s just a few of them…

Better information
Management accounts give you up to date information on your business. Whether it’s profit margins, sales volumes, costs per business area they’ll help you make decisions and take corrective action quickly.
Improve cash flow
Knowing not only what’s in your bank account today but in the next few weeks is vital. Having management accounts and cash flow forecasts will help you avoid a cash crisis in your business.
Improve profitability
Management accounts can directly influence future profits, because you’ll be able to spot trends and focus on products or services that are proven money earners, meaning bigger profits.
Take control
Having regular management accounts will help you take control of things like sales trends, costs, stock levels and will allow you to identify opportunities and weaknesses and control them in future.
Better tax planning
Having up to date accurate information on your business will allow your accountant to be able to look at tax planning opportunities and lower your tax bill.
Better business decisions
Regular management accounts allow you to make informed business decisions. Whether it’s hiring a new employee or purchasing a new piece of equipment, it’ll help you make the right decisions.

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The dns management accounting service is easy and cost effective. You’ll have access to our online accounting portal; we'll give you training and help you have access to real-time information at your fingertips.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Cost effective
  • Complete control
  • Real time information
  • Business certainty

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There is no legal requirement to prepare management accounts, but it is hard to run a business effectively without them; most companies, therefore, produce them on a monthly or quarterly basis. The purpose of management accounts is to analyse recent historical performance, and they usually include forward-looking elements such as sales, cash flow and profit forecasts. The analysis is usually compared to forecasts and budgets that were produced at the start of the year.

One objective of management accounts is to provide accurate information to identify key performing areas of the business, but there are other reasons to have them, including:

  • Understanding the behaviour and performance of the business
  • Shaping the business with sound advice and guidance
  • Allow a cash flow forecast
  • Reveal margins, costs, and break-even points, thus making sound financial decisions
  • Uncovering non- or under-performing areas of the business

Using the dns management accounts service management accounts service is easy and cost effective. First, we get you up and running on our online accounting portal – don’t worry we offer free training – once you’re set up, dns then have access to real time information about your company performance, and it is from this that we can begin to formulate management accounts. For example, you might want to look at areas of your business that are non-profit making and consider what to do with them; you might want to attract investment, secure a loan, or grow your business in other markets. We tailor our management accounts to meet your requirements.

Many small Businesses fail to recognise that running a business without management accounts is like running a car without brakes or an accelerator; without management accounts, you can never be fully in control of your business. It is vital that management identify Key Performing Indicators (KPI) so that the key decision-makers are in full control.

Management accounts can help the business make timely and meaningful management decisions. There are a number of reasons behind why so many businesses fail within a year of starting up, but central to business failure, there is often a lack of knowledge about the current market, no clear business strategy, and minimal financial understanding.

dns recognise the importance of management accounts and assist clients by providing a variety of management reports, such as profit and loss, asset liability, and tax; we look at how the KPIs are performing, and work out a gross profitability report. With the help of a management report, management can then make informed decisions and shape the right future for the business.

dns are specialist in designing and implementing management reporting systems. If you would like this system for your company please indicate on your subscription form or call us today on 03300 88 66 86 and one of our team members will be please to discuss this with you.

dns offer a standard premium and gold service depending on your requirements. Our standard package is only £150 p.a. This is a tax-deductable expense that will save your business both time and money. We strongly advise clients to use the dns online accounting portal as part of this service. Go to our packages page to see what’s on offer.

You can purchase our management accounts service by submitting the form and indicating which services you would like. You can use the same form to request information about other services as well. On Receipt of the form, dns will contact you.

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