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SDLT Stamp Duty Land Tax Advice

dns accountants, as the leading SDLT advisors in the UK, specialise in providing expert guidance on Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). Our experienced team assists individuals, landlords, companies, solicitors, and non-residents in understanding the complexities of SDLT. Our experienced team guides individuals, landlords, companies, solicitors, and non-residents through the intricacies of SDLT. Benefit from comprehensive SDLT expert advice, including Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR) assistance and reclaiming HMRC stamp duty refunds. Need an SDLT refund? Our experts ensure a seamless process and rightful refund allocation.

We offer comprehensive SDLT expert advice, including assistance with the stamp duty advisory services ltd and claiming back HMRC stamp duty refund. If you're looking to get a SDLT refund, our experts can help you navigate the process and ensure you receive the appropriate refund. Contact us for reliable SDLT advice and assistance with stamp duty refunds.


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We’ve got a huge amount of SDLT tax-saving strategies to help you. There are huge benefits to SDLT tax planning and using the dns team advice for SDLT on the purchase of land or property. Here’s just a few of them…

Reduce your
tax bill
As an experienced SDLT accountant and stamp duty accountant, dns Accountants can help you reduce your tax bill through strategic SDLT planning. Reclaim overpaid Stamp Duty Land Tax, optimise SDLT on UK properties, and retrieve the 3% SDLT surcharge paid to HMRC. Our expert stamp duty advice and services encompass a wide range of stamp duty land tax accounting treatment, ensuring that you can alleviate your future workload, generate wealth, and benefit from valuable cost savings.
Maximise tax
We'll explore and maximise all eligible stamp duty tax refunds to optimise your benefits and save you money. Reclaim overpaid Stamp Duty Land Tax and maximise all eligible stamp duty tax refunds to optimise your benefits.
Clear future
By strategically planning for the longer term, including SDLT refund forms and hmrc stamp duty refunds, we ensure tax efficiency for your estate and assets and maximise inheritance for your family with our SDLT review and refunds services.
Peace of
Our SDLT accountants are here to handle all aspects of your stamp duty taxes, including SDLT refund forms and stamp duty refund applications. Entrust our skilled SDLT accountants to manage all your stamp duty taxes, from SDLT review and refund forms to Who’s eligible for a SDLT refund? You can rely on our team to manage your tax affairs with professionalism and accuracy, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.
Support to make the right decision
Our team offers the support and expertise you need to make well-informed decisions for your business. We guide you through SDLT refund forms and stamp duty refund applications. Learn when and how do you pay SDLT? and explore potential SDLT avoidance options.
Award winning & trusted
dns is a trusted and award-winning firm in the contracting sector, recognized for excellence including SDLT refund forms, stamp duty refund applications, and maximising tax benefits for contractors. So, if you need SDLT refund claim appeals assistance? Let dns accountants guide your appeal.

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SDLT services by dns accountants

Our highly experienced SDLT tax advisors and tax team provide comprehensive assistance for all your tax planning requirements, personal, corporate, and inheritance tax including SDLT advisory service, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) experts. Here are some key areas where we can help:

  • Minimizing SDLT for property developers and builders.
  • SDLT for 'mixed use' properties.
  • Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR).
  • Claim back additional 3% SDLT surcharge paid to HMRC
  • Consultation services for HMRC enquiries related to SDLT.
  • SDLT services for staircase arrangements and transfers of properties to group companies, such as Group Relief Claim.
  • SDLT on First time home buyers relief.
  • SDLT advice for non-residents and companies.
  • Property transfer on liquidation of companies.
  • Transfers Involving the dissolution of a civil partnership SDLT on leases
  • Navigate transfers involving the dissolution of a civil partnership as SDLT on 'mixed-use' properties and SDLT on leases effortlessly.
  • Claim derelict property
  • Transfer of equity
  • Advising non-resident individuals and companies

See how dns can help you today.

Looking to manage your stamp duty land tax (SDLT) or need expert advice? Our team of knowledgeable SDLT experts can assist you with comprehensive tax planning, including Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR), SDLT refund & reclaim, SDLT MDR(Multiple Dwelling Relief), and stamp duty refund applications. We help you for stamp duty land tax return on an additional 3% SDLT surcharge paid to HMRC and manage SDLT on 'mixed-use' properties and leases.

Book a call today to speak with our specialist property accountants. We'll ensure that we find the perfect solution for all your SDLT requirements


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Got questions?

There will be some tax amount you will have to pay when you plan to buy a property or land in the form of a freehold property, new or existing leasehold, or property through a shared ownership scheme in England and Northern Ireland. The property should be above a specific price. This tax amount is called stamp duty land tax.

The property buyer always needs to pay the stamp duty land tax, not the seller. To deal with the stamp duty tax advice, you can hire SDLT experts at dns accountants and can get stress-free tax planning.

In some cases, a stamp duty refund can be claimed, like in your second home surcharge.If you sell your first property within three years of purchasing another one, your second property will become your primary residence, and you will be able to claim stamp duty refund on that. Claiming the refund requires you to complete an online HMRC form on the Gov.UK website.

After completing the HMRC online form, the claim can be processed within 15 days by HMRC. You can connect with dns accountants to get SDLT refunds with an easy process.

Yes, if you buy a second home, you need to pay stamp duty on the second home which is subject to a 3% surcharge on the standard SDLT rates. You can find some exemptions in it, and it would be better to get SDLT tax advice from experts.

SDLT is payable within 14 days when you purchase a property. If you submit it after 14 days or longer, you may end up paying penalties and interest, which HMRC will charge. A solicitor will submit the stamp duty on behalf of their client.

The non-residential and residential properties buyer of England and Northern Ireland pays Stamp Duty. In the case of non-UK residents, an additional SDLT rate of 2% will be charged by HMRC if you buy a property in England or Northern Ireland. HMRC stamp duty calculator can be used for easy calculation of your SDLT.

Yes, the stamp duty must pay for both non-residential and residential properties, and the mixed-use property is also one on which stamp duty is payable. The SDLT rates are lower on mixed-use and commercial properties than on residential ones.

There are a few situations where you can get stamp duty land tax relief.

First-time buyer's relief - if you are a first-time individual buyer and your property is residential with less than a certain price, you can quickly get a first-time buyer's relief. There are other reliefs, like purchases by a charity of land and property for charitable purposes, purchases of multiple dwellings, and right-to-buy purchases.

dns accountants can help you to identify the situation where you can get relief on SDLT. Our SDLT accountants will guide you properly for maximum tax relief.

We cater stamp duty land tax (SDLT) services to the given type of sectors:

  • The first and second home buyers
  • Commercial, derelict and probate properties
  • Shared ownership
  • Property developers
  • The employers who are buying property and crown employees
  • Property which is bought from limited companies
  • Investors
  • Group relief
  • Freeport tax sites
  • Charities

Connect with us to hire our property accountant services.

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