Year End Accounts

Preparation of end of year accounts can be a time consuming and daunting task. Many businesses whether big or small struggle to get their accounts to Companies House and HMRC in time for the deadline. DNS Accountants takes the strain off businesses to meet this deadline and ensures that the accounts accurately reflect the business. Not only that, DNS Accountants pinpoints where improvements and savings for the future growth of your business can be made.

Our Services

  • Abbreviated Accounts and Corporation Tax Return
  • Sole trader Accounts
  • Partnership Accounts
  • Rental Accounts
  • Dormant Accounts

DNS Accountants Year End Accounts Process

DNS Accountants has a dedicated team of specialists to prepare your accounts and follows a checklist based approach to guarantee that the accounts are filed before deadline.

  • Initial Data Gathering

    Initial Data Gathering

    Your account manager will ask for sales invoices, receipts and bank statement. If applicable, we will need your VAT returns and PAYE statements.

  • Data Entry

    Data Entry

    Next step is to complete the bookkeeping based on the information received.

  • Reconciliation


    All control accounts like suppliers, customers, VAT, PAYE, Director accounts are reconciled.

  • Year End Adjustments

    Year End Adjustments

    Adjustments related to accruals, deferred payments, prepayments are made.

  • Accounts Finalisation & Presentation

    Accounts Finalisation & Presentation

    The accounts are finalised and send for your review. We also offer free tax planning advise at this stage, provided there is scope to mitigate the impact of taxes.

  • Filing


    Once approved the accounts are then submitted to Companies House and HMRC.

HMRC and Companies House follow a strict penalty regime to ensure limited companies file their CT600 and Abbreviated accounts on time. So if you miss the deadline you are most likely to face a penalty which can be costly for your company.

Why DNS Accountants for Year End Accounts

Free initial consultation

Competitive pricing

Dedicated account manager

Accounts prepared in accordance with Accounting Standards

No penalty guarantee

Full accounts review including tax planning

For more information on how DNS Accountants can help in filing your Year End Accounts please call us on 03300 88 66 86 or complete the free consultation form to request a call back.

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