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In the UK, year-end accounts are a vital aspect of financial management for businesses. Every business needs to prepare a set of accounts for HMRC and/or Companies House. Preparation of end of year accounts is a time consuming and daunting task. Many businesses struggle to get their accounts to Companies House and HMRC in time for the deadline and risk incurring penalties.

Make sure you’re not one of those companies. dns accountants can take the strain and make sure you meet the deadline and your year end accounts accurately reflect the business. But we also go a step further, we’ll pinpoint where improvements and savings for the future growth of your business can be made.


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Our process is totally streamlined, fast and efficient and a lot easier than doing your own year end accounts.
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Our year end accounts service is competitively priced and gives you excellent value for money.
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We’ll ensure you never face a penalty for late submission, inaccuracy, or late payment.
Tax efficiency
We’ll do a full account review including tax planning and do your tax return.
Compliance ensured
We prepare your accounts in accordance with the latest accounting standards.
Dedicated account team
You’ll get a dedicated team that are there for you whenever you have a question.

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Our leading year end accounts service gives you problem-free accounts preparation, filing and review service. Our services will suit all types of businesses and include:

  • Abbreviated accounts
  • Partnership accounts
  • Sole Trader accounts
  • Rental accounts
  • Dormant accounts
  • Corporation tax returns

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What are Year-End Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

Annual accounts and tax returns for private limited companies are a summary of financial statements or records of a set of periods like the annual year that includes required information regarding financial transactions, income and expenses, performance and financial status.

To prepare annual accounts for a private limited company, you must keep handy these information:

  • a balance sheet
  • a profit and loss account
  • notes about the accounts that include any financial statement
  • a director’s report
  • an auditor’s report (unless the company is exempt from audit)

An accounting year is an accounting period of a company's yearly financial reporting period. A company needs to prepare several reports related to tax and income or expenses based on their accounting year.

A "fiscal year-end" means the completion of any one-year or 12-month accounting period which is not a typical calendar year (1st Jan to 31st Dec). Companies use this fiscal year-end for annual financial statement calculations and fix their fiscal year-end initially when forming a new company.

The Companies House decides the year-end for a limited company at the time of company formation. The year-end date will fall on the day before that date (in which the company was formed) in the following calendar year. The limited company end of year accounts will work according to the start date.

Yes, you can do your end-of-year accounts whether you are working as a director of a limited company or self-employed. However, you must have strong knowledge of accounts or bookkeeping otherwise it can be difficult, and mistakes can happen that can cost you heavily. Hiring an expert to file end-of-year accounts can save you from tax penalties. The year-end accounts cost will not go beyond paying these penalties.

The year-end accountants will work on your year-end closing. A year-end accounting checklist that a year-end accountant needs to prepare is:

  • Prepare a closing schedule
  • Gather outstanding invoices & receipts
  • Review asset accounts
  • Reconcile all transactions
  • Close out accounts receivable and payable
  • Accrue accounts receivable
  • Accrue accounts payable
  • Adjust grants and entitlements

An accountant will also help you to complete all the related tasks of year-end closing before the year-end accounts deadline.

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