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When establishing a business, choosing the right business structure can be challenging. However, with dns accountants, registering your limited company becomes effortless. Tailored for business owners, their company formation packages in the UK include company formation UK structure, a business bank account, three months of free accounting services with specialized package, and expert advisors.

Trust dns accountants to set up a limited company with your company formation agents for efficient company incorporation in the UK, receiving professional guidance throughout your business aspects.


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Start your business today with 50% off* on monthly accounting packages plus business accounting software. Our registration packages help to create a suitable legal entity that suits all types of people, whether you are a non-profit, small startup or international venture.

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The required information that is necessary to form a company

These are the things that are required to register a limited company in the UK


Select your company name


Registered company address


Company directors and shareholders


Submit all the details

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There are huge benefits to forming a limited company,
here’s just a few of them…

Limited companies pay 19% Corporation Tax, while sole traders face 20-45% Income Tax. Registering as a limited company enables you to reduce tax burdens, and benefit from efficient company registration UK process. Trust us for streamlined limited company formation and reduced tax liabilities.
Minimise personal
One great benefit of forming a limited company is the provision of limited liability protection. In other words, if your company encounters difficulties, your personal assets will remain secure. We specialize in helping you register a Ltd company formation.
Being a limited company enhances business credibility. In risk-intensive industries, exclusive engagement with limited companies is common. Trust dns accountants for reliable UK company formation & Registration.
It's possible to raise capital in a limited company by selling shares in the business. Limited companies, including private limited company registration services companies, which also have access to more lending opportunities than sole traders.
Companies, including limited companies, provide the opportunity to invest pre-tax trading income in a company pension scheme, offering a tax-efficient. Register Ltd company or UK company formations with us to explore the advantages of this pension planning strategy.
Separate legal
A limited company is a legal ‘person’, separate from its owners and directors. Therefore, the company is liable for debts and liabilities and the business would be bankrupt, not its owners should it fail.

Accounting anywear

Whatever type of business you're setting up, dns accountants can assist you company formation services in the UK. By setting up your own company, we will give you access to:

  • Expert company formation specialists
  • Convenient business bank account
  • Three months of complimentary accounting services
  • Limited-time cashback offers
  • Free accounting software and apps
  • Free* will services with our limited package
  • Completion and submission of the limited company’s corporation
  • Tax return preparation and submission of the VAT Return (if required)
  • Manage the company payroll (if applicable)
  • Annual accounts filing
  • Company incorporation with HMRC
  • Non residents UK company formation

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Need help with company formation from a friendly, no-nonsense team? Give us a call today on 03300 886 686 to speak to our advisors. We specialize in company registration in the UK, including limited company formation, private limited company registration services, and LTD company formation. We'll help you register your limited company and give you access to a wide range of other benefits.


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Answers to limited company formation most frequently asked questions

To set up a limited company you need to register with Companies House. This is known as 'incorporation'. dns can take care of all the formalities and help you register your company with Companies House without any hassle.

You will need the following details for every person who is to be appointed as a director or Shareholder of the company to place your UK limited company formation order request:

  • Full name (including middle names - not initials)
  • Residential address including postal code
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Business Occupation
  • Passport or national identity card number*
  • Telephone number*
  • Town of birth*
    • *These details are required to create an electronic signature for each person and contribute towards our Anti-Money Laundering checks. This information is kept confidential, and only three digits or characters of each of these are submitted to Companies House as part of the electronic signature.

In general, you can use any company name. The name must end with the word 'Limited' or its abbreviation 'ltd'. But there are rules on what it can and can't include. Also can you prepare your own limited company accounts? Have detailed information here.

First and foremost, your company name should be unique and should not be 'similar' or 'same as' an already registered company. To check this, you can search the Companies House register

Your name also can't:

  • Contain a 'sensitive' word or expression
  • Suggest a connection with government or local authorities
  • Be offensive

A company can have any number of shareholders. There must be at least one shareholder, as a company cannot exist without a share capital. There is no limit to the number of shares that can be held by an individual.

Also have some information about benefits of forming companies in a group structure.

After registering your company with Companies House, you will receive the following documents: Memorandum of Association

  • Statement of Capital
  • Articles of Association

Yes, you can set up your own company by following some guidelines on the UK Government’s official website. However, the process is tedious and time-consuming. Getting an expert to help you with your company formation process may smoothen everything. We have the right company formation package for the incorporation of your company! We guarantee you a hassle-free process! You can also compare the company registration package here.

Well, there are many substantial differences between a limited company and a sole trader. If you are still deciding which one to opt for, you’ll have to first understand the basic differences between them to figure out what suits you best. Our blog article: Sole trader vs limited company: what's the difference? will give you more clarity, and definitely help you take that call.

Once you have decided on your company name, you can visit our official website: dns accountants, where we provide online accounting solutions to contractors, freelancers, startups and small businesses. You can then begin a simple process of forming your limited company with our online application.

A certificate of incorporation is an important legal document that is required during the company formation process and issued by the UK government. This certificate of incorporation is also commonly referred to or labelled as a license to incorporate a limited company.

Including the complexity of the company structure and the efficiency of the registration process, to register a company in London wholly depends on several factors. On average, the company formation London process typically takes between 24 hours to 10 days. However, with the assistance of professional service providers specializing in company formation London, the registration process can be expedited. These experts ensure compliance with legal requirements, handle paperwork efficiently, and facilitate a smoother registration experience. Their expertise and knowledge of the local regulations can help streamline the process and reduce the registration timeframe.

When you're setting up a limited company Birmingham structure, there are two key documents you'll need. Firstly you will need the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association which included a few important details like your company's name, registered office address, and shareholder information. However, the Articles of Association lay out the internal rules and regulations that govern how your company operates, covering things like share capital, voting rights, and director appointments. These two documents are essential for a smooth limited company formation Birmingham process. To ensure everything is done smoothly, it's recommended to seek professional guidance or use company formation accountants.

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