Limited Company

Are you planning to incorporate a limited company or want to transform your existing company into a limited company? Take the help of our experienced and dedicated accountants as well as tax specialists who not only helps in limited company incorporation but also help you in filing income tax return, Capital gains tax return, landlord property tax return, inheritance tax return, stamp duty etc.

Not having the adequate information to incorporate a limited company but still you are going for establishment, can prove it to be dangerous. DNS accountants not only help in providing adequate information but also provide you tips to incorporate a limited company without any hassle. DNS helped thousands of individuals in the past & transformed them into business owners.

Not only incorporation, we believe in continuing our relationship with business owners thereafter by filing their income taxes, capital gains taxes, landlord property taxes, inheritances taxes, stamp duty etc. We also provide advices to business owners in filing income taxes as well as provide them assistance in section 243 too. Our innovative approach in providing accountancy services to our clients as well as handling customer queries at the earliest, makes our customers happy and gives us edge over other competitors.

Our Promise to you

We take pride in how we work with our clients.
We work alongside you to provide peace of mind and free you up to run your business.

No Penalty

After availing our services, we guarantee that you will not be charged with any type of penalty from HMRC and will remain compliant forever.

24 Hour

DNS accountants believe in giving fast responses to the queries submitted by the clients. Hence, we respond within 24 hours.

Account Manager

One dedicated account manager will be assigned to each individual or business account who not only manages your accounts but also clear your doubts and provide resolution to your each & every problem in the least possible time.


There will be no barriers in communication. Everything will be communicated to you clearly with the effective use of oral, visual and written communication.

Fixed Fees
& no Surprise Bills

DNS accountants only charge fixed fees for the services provided. No surprise bills, nothing extra would be charged from you.

Always professional
& courteous

We are thorough professionals who not actively listen but effectively respond to our clients. Good behavior and friendliness is what we strongly believe in?

Additional benefits of Working with DNS

Free Cloud Software
& Mobile App

In-house developed software for contractors and freelancers. Access to android/iOS App, secure and easy to use with real time information at your fingertips.

Award Winning

We are continuously winning awards for our hard work and happy with the bond we share with our clients.

Expert support & advise

Free and unlimited e-mail/telephonic support to our clients. No charges for the advices we offer to you.

Regular Review Meetings

Regular review meetings to discuss your business performance and development and steps are taken for its improvement (if needed).

Payroll App

Timely transfer of employee’s salary directly into their accounts. Generate pay slips online automatically with the help of payroll application – available on both Android/IOS.

Deal with Qualified Accountants

Communicate with experienced, dedicated and qualified accountants who are having the ability to solve your problems in few minutes.

Monthly Compliance reminders

Automatically sends you monthly reminders regarding due dates so that you cannot miss even a single deadline.

Free Expenses Training & Guides

DNS accountants provide free expense training & guides to freelancers, contractors and small businesses so that they can understand how to manage small business expenses efficiently and to make right claims.

Monthly Tax Tips & Guides

Effective tax tips & guides are offered to freelancers, contractors & small business owners every month.

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