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If you are already a Contractor or Freelancer, who enjoys contracting but not happy with the current solution or provider then you have come to the right place!

Working through an Umbrella?

If you are working through an umbrella company, you could take home more by working through your own limited company. Use our simple online calculator to calculate your take home.
You can follow the link to read more about the advantages of working through a Limited Company Vs Umbrella.

Working through Your Own Limited Company

If you are working through your own limited company and not happy with the quality of service provided by your current accountant, DNS can provide you a hassle-free accounting service at a competitive fee.

Changing accountant is a simple process and requires only an email from you to your existing accountant and DNS will arrange the rest. As part of the joining process, our consultant will have a meeting with you to understand your tax affairs, this is to ensure you have been receiving the right advice. In the meantime, the setup team will coordinate with your previous accountant to ensure a smooth transfer.

DNS Accountants provide specialist accounting services for Contractors & Freelancers across a wide range of business sectors. We are member of respected contractor associations like IPSE, FCSA and Contractor UK and were nominated for Best Contractor Accountants at the 2015 Contractor UK awards.

Specialist Accounting Services for Contractors & Freelancers from £59 +VAT per month

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