Mina Mikhael

Mina Mikhael

During a journey of 21 years of success, Mina had his ups & downs, faced a lot of challenges, pain, enjoyment & excitement as well, but his passion for Achieving & appetite for business excelling was his driving force to build his success story. Mina’s career diversified in sectors like FMCG, Banking, Franchise, Accountancy & Tax within 3 global markets. His high competence & deep experiences evolved from friction with multi-cultural working environments, multilingual experts, the wide range of entrepreneurial startups, extraordinary investors. Mina’s know how empowered by real work values, experience & knowledge, thus his customers are his asset so he put himself in their shoes bringing them effective solutions for their business cases.

At DNS, we work hard but also smart to be your successful business partner. The secret formula we blind is one united expert TEAM in different but complementary specialties & business areas. The team is working together to deliver the best solutions for you. We will consider your business as our business hence to be the leverage for your success story.

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