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With the change in business dynamics and the ever changing regulations and guidelines of the government it is becoming more and more imperative for every small business to maintain up-to-date books of accounts. The present environment necessitates small businesses to be prepared to adapt to the changing accounting and financial processes to ensure that they are well positioned to counter the market demands in the near future. DNS Accountants is a leading firm of contractor accountants in Milton Keynes and we support small business with cost effective bookkeeping services. Our team of chartered accountants in Milton Keynes takes the burden of accounting and financial management away from the business owner allowing them to focus on the prime business activities.

As top accountants in Milton Keynes, DNS Accountants take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and we are very transparent in our approach. We help clients with cheap accountancy and taxation services and consider servicing small businesses in a way that they save their taxes and money in every possible way. We interact with our clients at every stage of the accounting process and help decide complex issues, improve the quality of reporting by using Nomisma Solution - our cloud based high-quality accounting software. DNS Accountants are the best accountants in Milton Keynes and our accounting services include account management services, statutory accounts, real time information (RTI) returns and payroll.

Our team of accountants and tax accountants in Milton Keynes, UK provide a series of accounting, taxation and compliance services which are economical and customized according to the needs of the business. We are very flexible with our approach because of which our clients count on us for bookkeeping, tax compliance, adopting the new UK Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), procedural accounts and statutory accounts preparation. We aspire to build long term relationships with our clients based on the pillars of reliability and faith and aim to save taxes and money in every possible situation.

Business in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a center of attraction for many investors because of its central location and business benefits that the city has to offer. The city is well-connected with fast links to other parts of the country and has an extremely skillful talent group. Milton Keynes is a well planned city, offering impressive office spaces. Many leading companies have their headquarters in Milton Keynes. Being so favorable for business, Milton Keynes caters to various business sectors ranging from logistics, technology and manufacturing. Milton Keynes is a technology hub and home to major technology companies such as Airwatch, T-systems, Siemens, and Tech Mahindra along with many others. Also, the city is home to successful ventures such as Red Bull racing, Marshall Amplification and is a perfect place for manufacturing as worldwide names from the United States, Germany and China have set up their manufacturing facilities here, making products ranging from heavy lifting equipments to vaccines. The professional services in Milton Keynes employ just over 24% of all employees in the city. Many small businesses are set up in Milton Keynes and are growing at a steady pace. Companies likes Mirus IT, TFA and Intuitive Management are among the few that are making a mark in Milton Keynes.

IT contractor accountants in Milton Keynes :

Nomisma Solution, our cloud-based accounting software, has changed the way accounting services are carried out to meet the challenging demands of small businesses in today’s speedy environment. In a dynamic and ambitious world, business owners and management require up-to-date information and access to professional advice to help them with the challenges facing their business. With cloud accounting technology, clients are connected with existing business performance information which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. With Nomisma Solution we provide a fully secured solution, bookkeeping, management reporting and help with year-end fillings. Small business owner in Milton Keynes can have access to the complete solution package including tax compliance, statutory reporting, customer relationship management and payroll. Whether a small business is looking for local accounting services or compliance support, our IT contractor accountants in Milton Keynes deliver accounting and taxation skills proficiently, making certain that management time is not tied up and they focus on the business.

Services DNS Associates offer

DNS Accountants are top accountants in Milton Keynes providing accounting and taxation services that meet the needs of small businesses in and around Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Our learned team of chartered accountants in Milton Keynes helps clients with:

  • Management accounts, Bookkeeping and business plans
  • Tax planning, Value Added Tax (VAT) registration and returns
  • Individual taxation and self-assessment tax return
  • Tax Investigation and dispensation application
  • Year end accounting services
  • Real time information (RTI) payroll
  • Setting up small businesses
  • Tax credit services
  • Auto Enrolment
  • Registered office service

Most challenging part for any business is to find a contractor accountant who gives a fixed price and knows what exactly needs to be done. Our team understands the fact that every client has separate needs. Our team is experienced and helps clients with credit support and has the knowhow of reducing the tax base.

Auto Enrolment in Milton Keynes:

The HMRC has made significant changes towards workplace pension scheme aiming to support UK residents by securing their retirement.

As per the law introduced in 2012, all employers must eventually offer a workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol eligible employees under the scheme.

It’s a relatively new requisite for employers based in UK or running their business in UK. Under this law introduced in 2012, all employers are bound to put forward a workplace pension scheme (WPS).

Since the law has been introduced by UK government, Auto enrolment has been implemented by the number of employers in UK and the same law will be applied to all employers by 2018.

At DNS Accountants in Manchester, the premier accountancy practice, we help our clients comply with the law and the best practices. We help employers contribute cost-effective pensions to their employees’ retirement fund in each pay period.

Essentials of auto enrolment:

  • Staging date
  • Eligible employees
  • Calculating contribution
  • Concept of deferment or waiting period
  • Employer’s responsibility

Phases of Auto Enrolment:

A year before staging

  • Know when the business needs to be ready
  • Make available a point of contact
  • Develop the initial plans

Six months before staging

  • Find out the total number of employees to be enrolled
  • Choose the best software (Nomisma Solution) and verify records
  • Choose the appropriate pension scheme

Staging date

  • Make sure all eligible staff is automatically enrolled

Six weeks post the staging date

  • Employers can postpone the first time assessment and enrolment of employees into WPS but need to issue a rescheduling notice within six weeks of the staging date. The maximum rescheduling period is three (3) months.

Five months after staging date

  • Register – Complete the statement of compliance


  • Maintain records
  • Accomplish all ongoing tasks

DNS Associates – best chartered accountants in Milton Keynes, provide expert accountancy and taxation consultancy that is tailored to the personal and business needs of small-businesses, freelancers and contractors. Our cheap accountants in Milton Keynes focus on providing dedicated and professional services to all local businesses and individuals operating in Luton, and Northampton.

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