Recognised since a decade in the UK, we are a reputed firm of ACAs and Chartered Accountants (CA) in Bournemouth offering a wide range of services to businesses and contractors / freelancers. Through our office in Bournemouth, we have built up a wide range of contacts which encompass through professional and commercial businesses. As Bournemouth Accountants, our team of learned accountants have vast knowledge of the subject and work with clients in and around Bournemouth. Most SMEs need someone to help them grow and we at DNS are the best at doing so.

Accounts Preparation

Most business owners maintain and keep their books of accounts updated. Financial statements represent a score card of the business – highlights the business performance, how is the business progressing, along with areas of concerns if any. Usually, a common mistake small-business owners make is not keeping their books of accounts updated, thus making unsuitable business decisions based on insufficient information. We help businesses in Bournemouth make sound financial decision which are useful for the business in the long run.

Guidance on new business

DNS Accountants in Bournemouth provide all the necessary advice and guidance required to start and build a successful business. We help small-businesses in Bournemouth with all the necessary things needed to effectively start a business. These may include adopting the most beneficial legal structure, setting up of business bank account(s), registration with tax authorities and record keeping etc.

Taxation and tax planning

As per legal requirements, all types of taxpayers including individuals, partners, as well as businesses are required to file annual tax return forms. Penalties are levied for not submitting the returns on time and also for incorrectly completed forms. We provide tax planning services to small-businesses in the UK in order to assist them with accurate and speedy completion of forms, thereby, ensuring compliance with the time restrictions. We also make sure that businesses never miss their filing deadlines as there are stiff penalty charges for late payment of tax.

Company Formation & Records

DNS Accountants devote time and help businesses with legal requirements for company formation and record keeping. A company must prepare and file annual tax returns and pay corporation tax. Also, there are numerous forms required by the Register of Companies and all these forms need to be submitted within a specified time period; breach of deadline will automatic result in penalties.


Business owners in Bournemouth need to register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and open a Pay-as-You-Earn (PAYE) Scheme. Employers also need to deal with company car tax benefit, maternity leave pay, sick pay etc. DNS Accountants offer a complete package for payroll services covering PAYE, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), and Real Time Information (RTI), providing necessary computation for payroll.

CIS Tax Advice

We assist clients with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and make sure both contractors and sub-contractors are compliant with the regulations regarding CIS.

Self assessment

DNS Accountants work with clients to prepare and submit their self-assessment returns with HMRC. Our clients rely on us on the quality of service delivered in Bournemouth. We make sure that our clients don't have to pay penalties and returns are filed before the deadline. We share an update return filing calendar with the clients so that they make the required arranges will before time.

Latest development in Bournemouth

Council Tax

A council tax increase of 4.98% in FY2018-19 is expected to get approval b the full council in Bournemouth. In FY2017-18, the council's Cabinet was reluctantly that the council tax increases from the 2017-18 budget. The Cabinet has by now acknowledged £13m of savings and cuts to balance-out a deficit of £8mn in the FY2018-19 budget. However Councillors are also anticipating decline in funding from Central Government of £6.9mn in 2017-18, and an additional drop of £4.4mn in 2018-19. The proposed, 4.98% council tax rise would include a 3% Adult Social Care guideline to fund and 1.99% increase in standard council tax. This increase in council tax, will allow Bournemouth Borough Council to assign an additional £9mn to its Children's' and Adults' social care budget. According to John Beesley, Leader of the Bournemouth Council, 'the effectual management of the finances allocate to the Council has never been so crucial. He recognises the current state of affairs and intense cuts in central government funding and immediate increases in the demand for services. Starting 2011, Bournemouth Council has suffered a decline of £40.2mn in the Government's Revenue Support Grant (RSG) which is equivalent to 77% less RSG funding for FY2017-18. Furthermore, the recent reductions in Government funding correspond to noteworthy disputes. However, he assures the residents that the Council has a verified track record of balancing its financials and supervision the delivery of services year on year. Keeping in mind the uncertainties of present and prospective Local Government funding issues, the Budget recommended to the Council seems financially sound. The Councillor aims to continue to deliver front line services and support residents in need.

Waste disposal

Also, recently Bournemouth council was criticised by the National Landlord's Association (NLA) over changes of collection of waste from multiple habitation rented properties. The policy came into effect when the council opted for a bi-weekly collection service from April 2017. The policy states that houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) with seven or more tenants and also need extra collection capacity on top of the council's standard allowance should be charged a commercial rate for the service. The standard service offered by the council adds up to 240-litre recycling container collected fortnightly, a food waste bin collected weekly, and a 140-litre residual waste container collected fortnightly. Gathering of a 240-litre bin costs around £6 per lift. This policy has been criticised by the National Landlord Association (NLA), which stated that Bournemouth council's actions are inequitable on the tenants of HMO properties. As a result, NLA has written to councillors to highlight these concerns, and requested a meeting to discuss a more suitable and sustainable move towards with regards to waste disposal.

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