DNS Accountants is an award winning national accountings company offering our services as contractor accountants in Newcastle. We provide comprehensive accounting solutions to contractors and have extensive experience helping thousands of clients all over the UK. Our unique approach and commitment guarantees you the finest accounting services. We combine consistency and expertise so that we can deliver the highest standard services to our clients.

Contractor Accountants in Newcastle


If you are a contractor searching for an accountant, you must have realized how difficult it is to find the right one. With the presence of a large number of accountants, making the right decision is never easy. At DNS Accountants we are committed to deliver the highest standard services to our customers. Our services extend beyond the standard accounting tasks as we focus on paving the way for your success.

  • Experience: We have served thousands of contractors in the UK. Our accountants are highly qualified and are accustomed to the challenges contractors usually face. With this valuable expertise, our team will help you complete all your accounting tasks efficiently. They can guide you and your firm to achieve success.

  • A trusted name to rely on: We are an award winning accounting firm for contractors. We are interested in forming a lasting relationship with our clients. The testimonials of our satisfied customers prove our ability to offer the best quality accounting services in the industry.

  • Availability of a dedicated accounts manager: All our clients receive an accounts manager who will serve as their single point of communication with our firm. This will help you save a lot of time and bring more efficiency to the tasks.

  • Guarantee of no penalty: Now you can relax about penalties. If you receive a penalty because of our mistake, we will offer you £250 for our negligence and also cover the penalty.

  • IPSE certified IT Contractor Accountants Newcastle


We are contractor accountants Newcastle offering a wide array of services. Many people are selecting contracting as their career owing to its advantages like work flexibility. But they need professional help when it comes to handling their accounts and finance. At DNS, we believe in offering the best quality services to contractors tailor-made to fit their needs. We have helped contractors in diverse business sectors achieve their goals. This includes health professionals, management consultants, engineers, computer contractors and freelance consultants.

  • Excellent online software system:

    Our online accounting software NOMISMA Solution is designed specifically for contractors. With its easy interface and real time updating, you can get a good idea about the accounts of your company. By using the online platform, you can save a lot of your precious time. This software is provided free to all our clients.

  • Expert assistance on IR35 review:

    As a contractor you must be familiar with the IR35 legislation. IR35 taxes your company income as employment income and hence disables all tax gains made. We offer our clients protection from IR35 legislation and ensure that they obey all the rules.

  • Regular management accounts:

    Our regular management accounts will show you the amount of money you make as profit, the amount you may take out as profit, how much money you need to keep aside for taxes and when you will need to pay them. As we do these every month for you, you will always be in a good financial position.

  • Tax Accountants Newcastle:

    We help our clients save tax through different schemes like child care vouchers, company car, expense etc. Our main aim is to minimize the amount you pay as tax so that you can maximize your earnings.

  • Guidance on expenses claim:

    There are many expenses which you can claim. But many contractors are unaware of this. Our experts will guide you well on this topic so that you can save more money.

  • Assurance of 100% satisfaction:

    This means you do not need to pay us unless you are fully satisfied with our services

  • Mobile app for customers:

    As online contractor accountants Newcastle, we integrate technology into our activities in the best possible ways. This app will keep you regularly updated about your accounts wherever you may be. The app even allows you to avoid the tedious process of filing by letting you take snapshots of receipts which you can upload on the software.

  • Payroll management:

    We can manage your monthly payroll efficiently. We will calculate the amount of money you need to pay HMRC and file RTI for you. As specialist small business accountants, Newcastle we offer our clients guidance on how to handle HMRC enquiries. Searching for a good accounting firm can be a daunting task given the large number of service providers and the claims they make. You need to be able to distinguish the best from the rest. That is why we, at DNS Accountants believe in delivering results and letting our actions reflect our ideals. Whether you are a new contractor searching for an accounting firm or if you are not satisfied with your current accountant, get in touch with us and we will show you what we can do for you.


DNS Accountants are experts in handling all the accounting requirements of contractors. We do not limit our services to basic accounting but provide our clients with insightful guidance which helps them take the best financial decisions. Whether you are a first time contractor, a contractor using umbrella or limited company, irrespective of your stage we can offer you excellent services. Contractors can avail our service at the Hill, Newcastle East, Stockton, Newcastle West, Cooks Hill and Carrington. Whether it is IR35 review or tax planning, contractors can rely on us for the best quality solutions. If you are a contractor in need of the services of an accounting firm, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Choose DNS Accountants as your accounting partner to feel the difference.

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