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DNS Accountants is an award-winning firm of contractor accountants located in Hull providing accountancy and taxation consulting to contractors, delivering high quality services across the UK. Under the guidance of Mr. Sumit Agarwal, our team of contractor accountants in Hull takes the burden and hardwork of accounting out of the hands of the contractors, helping them focus on growing their business and maximizing profits. Our clients regard DNS Accountants- Tax Accountants in Hull as their financial and trade associates. At DNS Accountants, a client gets one-to-one association with our competent/knowledgeable specialist contractor accountants.

Contractor Accountants in Hull

DNS Associates aims to provide an integrated service, customized to meet the specific needs of small business in Hull. We spend time identifying requirements specific to the clients and propose ways in which our team of Tax accountants in Hull can help the business. We pride ourselves on our consistency, accessibility and ethical standards. We have been thriving in the market since 2005 with a large clientele over 1,200.

We provide a cost-effective, high value solution to meet all of the financial needs of our clients. We work hard to know our clients and their need in order to deliver timely and give personal advice on how to improve the business and personal wealth. DNS specializes in accountancy; taxation consulting, tax investigation, tax planning and we proudly announce that all the partners and senior staff members of our team are qualified professionals or members of professional accounting bodies such as Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) or hold university degrees from well-accredited universities. With the skill set and knowledge base our team helps clients save thousands of pounds (£) in taxes and ensure they get maximum returns.

Our full business package covers all the business needs and tax affairs with a fixed fee of as low as £55 plus (+) VAT per month.

Why Choose DNS Associates?

DNS Associates – Tax Accountants in Hull, was awarded the best accountants in 2014 and we have special package for Contractors whereby they would never miss any expense claim or allowance and will be fully informed of how to maximize claims and reduce taxes.

  • Assist with opening a business bank account
  • Forming a limited company at Companies House or set up business
  • Managing general communication and queries with HM Revenue and Customs
  • Constant tax advice all through the year
  • Completion of personal taxation requirements and returns

Business in Hull

Hull’s business surroundings are the perfect place for companies to recognize their business potential. With around 8,000 businesses operating in the vibrant city of Hull, which is only 200 miles from Edinburgh and London, it is easy to understand that Hull is a great place to invest. The key sectors in Hull comprise of – port and logistics, renewable energy, healthcare and food and drink.

There are many reasons to invest in Hull:

  • access to a huge working age population
  • a real sense of enterprise and a can do attitude
  • low property costs – cost of living is around 40% lower than the national average
  • good skill levels
  • businesses located in Yorkshire benefit from operating costs up to 20% lower than the UK average
  • a strong local economy

DNS Associates Offering Services in

DNS Associates – Contractor Accountants in Hull provide accountancy & taxation services that meet the needs of local businesses and tax payers, in and around Hull and Harrow. Our expert tax accountants in Hull help clients in services ranging from completion of year end accounts and annual returns to Real Time Information (RTI) payroll, bookkeeping to tax advice and savings, Value Added Tax (VAT) and business plans.

  • Accounting Services in Hull

    • Statutory Accounts

      Our expert team helps:
      • Prepare, verify and submit Annual accounts
      • Falling in line with UK law guaranteed
      • Minimizes liability and identifies areas to help plan future business improvements

    • Accounts Management and Business Plan

      • Costing information and break-even turnover levels
      • Regular book-keeping and accounts management
      • Reporting key performance indicators (KPIs) to give an accurate, up-to-date picture of the business

    • RTI And Payroll

      Managing the payroll can become intractable without professional guidance. We help our clients with Payroll Management, Leave Management, Taxation returns and End of the Year Certificates.
  • Tax Accounting Service in Hull:

    • Corporation Tax

      • Identifying tax reliefs and tax advice on disposals and acquisitions
      • Figure out the most effectual taxation structure for the business and Computation of taxation liabilities
      • Discern industry-specific tax opportunities and officially authorized systems, together with Research and Development (R & D) tax credits

    • Self Assessment and Tax Return (Income Tax)

      • Prepare, check and submit self assessment tax returns accurately and promptly
      • Proactively manage due diligence data collation and analyze receipts and invoices
      • Compile and keep hold of back-up records
      • Maintain correspondence with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

    • Tax Investigations And Disputes

      • Assistance during any tax investigations
      • Reduce or even avoid penalties; for e.g. late payments or oversights
      • Value Added Tax (VAT), Pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) and self assessment enquiries support

  • For a contractor who is looking for a Contractor Accountant/Tax accountant, working with DNS Accountants is easy.

  • More Services – No space for Hassles – Our team is very passionate about delivering what has been committed to the clients. Our contractor accountants in Hull always give the best advice, and explain things clearly and set the whole thing up to run in a streamlined, hassle-free way.

  • Earnings are More, taxes are Less – Our specialist contractor accountants in Hull ensures that, through proper tax guidance and planning, our clients keep as much of their well-merited cash as possible and by no means pay more tax than you need to. We will set up the business and compensation structure in the most tax-efficient way possible, discuss IR35 and proactively advise on an on-going basis, in response to changes in circumstances or HMRC rules.

  • More business focus - Our cloud based one-stop accounting solution has already generated interest in the professional accounting community and with its quick and easy to use features we are able to give clients a 24x7x365 real-time view of expenses, tax liabilities and the available current assets. We manage and monitor the accounts and ensure that all the client issues, whether it’s PAYE or HMRC or VAT are addressed accurately, removing the administrative burden of running a company.

  • Work flow management – Important dates and the dues are communicated well in advance. We manage all the filing activities hence; no tax deadlines are ever missed. Our contractor accountants in Hull bring a fresh viewpoint to complex tax obligation issues and help create a clear, transparent approach and make sure the contractors understand the tax implications.

DNS Accountants – small business accountants and tax accountants in Hull provide specialized accountancy and tax services for Small Business. Our team focuses on providing dedicated and professional services to all local businesses and individuals operating in York, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Boston, Milton, Chelsea, and Cambridge.

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