Transparency in accounting, clarity of financial position and highly efficient and accurate tax plan for the business, are some of the most common things that are looked up to by the companies today. DNS Accountants, right from its beginning in the year of 2005, has served more than 1200 clients and are proud to say that the clientele keeps growing every day. Our experience and timely guidance have helped companies to gain better proficiency in their business sector. We have experience of working with various freelancers, companies, business start-ups and entrepreneurs from varied business sectors. Providing skilled and experienced contractor accountants in Coventry and to all the nearby regions including Liverpool, Luton, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Maidenhead, and Norwich has helped us in establishing DNS as a respectable name in the market. Our services and the guidance that we provide have helped open new arenas for many existing companies

Contractor Accountants in Coventry

DNS Accountants is proud of the professional team that has been helping out businesses all over the UK. All the individuals on the team are from reputed universities and hold prestigious degrees to go in with their profession. It does not stop here. These individuals are also members of some of the highly reputed accounting bodies that include CIMA, IPSE, and ACCA. Their certifications from these accounting bodies speak about their experience and their quality of work.

DNS believes in the saving up of money at every turn that is taken by the company. These savings help improve the financial health of the company and establish their credibility in the market. Every company needs to specialize in their core business sector, and DNS helps them to achieve the same. The expert consultancy that we provide to the companies has helped them to minimize the liabilities and save up on their tax liabilities.

Business in Coventry

Conveniently connected with Central London, Birmingham, and the 9th largest region in England, Coventry geographically enjoys a strategic position in the field of business and finance. Not only in business, but Coventry also excels in art and education. The universities and the art schools are worth a mention. Coventry acts as the hub for many of the automobile company’s right from the beginning and also has most of the pioneers in the field of science and engineering.

Coventry has many of the famous automobile companies like Daimler, Swift Motor Company, and Humber, who have set up their factories here. The Black taxi cabs, which are really famous worldwide, are still manufactured in Coventry. This hotbed of business activities enjoys the increased requirements for online contractor accountants in Coventry and other locations in the vicinity. Such varied business opportunities have increased the need for a proper finance system, and we are very much happy to extend our services by providing the best small business accountants in Coventry.

  • Chartered Accountants, Coventry:

    Apart from providing consultancy for corporate financing, improvement of accounts and help in filing and planning corporate tax, our chartered accountants in Coventry also work along with the tax auditors to help plan the tax and the business returns. These services can further be extended to the secretarial services that we are already providing to various clients. Our skillful approach to filing returns and preparing reports is driven by our commitment towards our clients. We have been able to become trusted advisors to most of our customers backed by our superior skills. The dedication and the enthusiasm towards the work, which is projected by our professional team have helped us to gain an upper hand over other competitors.

  • Tax accountants, Coventry:

    Providing tax advisory services and efficient tax accountants in Coventry are the two things that make DNS Accountants stand apart from the others. By helping the clients in their tax planning well ahead of time, helps our customers to get the right leverage in the market than the other companies. We at DNS understand that each business has requirements that are quite different from the others. This way, we are able to create a balance between the finance and the tax plan of the individuals as well as the company as a whole. Our contractor accountants in Coventry work along with business start-ups, entrepreneurs and small and big companies to help them in whatever area they need help in.

Services provided by DNS Accountants:

  1. Auto Enrolment
  2. Business Growth
  3. Company Formation
  4. Bank Account Opening
  5. Management Accounts service
  6. Payroll RTI
  7. Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote
  8. Registered Office
  9. Self Assessment Tax Return
  10. Tax Investigation Cover
  11. VAT Registration Cover
  12. VAT Registration and Returns Service
  13. Year-End Accounts Service
  14. Business Investment relief
  15. IPSE Membership

Company Formation

Few procedures need to be completed when one has to form a company. Some guidelines need to be followed carefully. Invariably, it is important for every company to register itself to enjoy all the benefits. Our skilled team members help the clients with following the procedure that needs to comply with when company formation is started. They are: -

  • Deciding a name for the company
  • Give the address for the company
  • Appoint a director
  • Create a “Memorandum of Association” with the agreement of all shareholders who are also called “subscribers.”
  • Create a “Statement of Capital”, which holds details of all the shares and rights of the company
  • Create ann “Articles of Association” statement, which states all the rules according to which the company is expected to function

Bank Account Opening:

All the businesses need to open a bank account to help them keep track of the funds and the expenses that form a part of the firm. Maintaining a track of these would help to build the business further more. DNS Accountants helps to open a bank account solely for the purpose of the activity of the company. Individual bank accounts cannot be used for taking care of the entire business. DNS understands that having a separate bank account would help the business to understand the expenses that the firm incurs and keep a close watch on the finances. Having a proper bank account with all the right financial information would assist in planning an efficient tax plan for better returns.

DNS Accountants provides all the services that are required by all the companies to take care of their growth. We have been able to provide efficient IT contractor accountants in Coventry to all our clients. We have not limited our services just to Coventry but have been able to extend the guidance to all other nearby areas including Bedworth, Warwick, Solihull, Birmingham, Tamworth and West Bromwich. Such a different exposure has provided us with the opportunity to learn more about various business sectors and gather experiences to help other companies who come to us for their accounting, taxation, and financial needs. In a way, this exposure has helped us to deliver the best to all our clients.

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