Grasping the situation of businesses, the DNS Accountants comprehends the requirement of efficient and transparent accounting services. Thus we provide tax accounting, online accounting, IT accounting, small business accounting and chartered accounting in Chester. Since 2005, Backed by our exceptional performance, we have established our name in this industry. Backed by experience and professionalism, we have excelled in our performance with every service we provide. We have always strived to give our clients the best by providing them masterly and proficient contractor accountants in Chester.

Experts in their fields of accounting, all our staff possesses best qualifications and degrees from well-accredited universities and are members of professional accounting bodies like ACCA and CIMA.

Contractor Accountants in Chester

We, at DNS, greatly value our clients and the trust they invest in us with their money. We make sure that you are always on the safe edge and never face any penalty issues, and we promise to hold your back with our timely and well-co-ordinated services.

Business in Chester

Chester, with a population of 94.7%, is one of the most populous cities in England. Its main industries are now the service industries comprising tourism, retail, public administration and financial services. Chester also has its university, the University of Chester, which is one of the country’s main provider of tertiary education, many established schools and a major hospital, the Countess of Chester Hospital. Chester is the richest city in England regarding archaeological resources and has several museums in historical styles. It has an unbelievably large financial sector including Bank of America, NFU Mutual, HBOS PLC, Virgin Money and M&S Bank. Broughton houses large Airbus UK factory with over 6000 workers manufacturing plane wings situated near the Welsh border, and there are quite a few food processing plants to the north and west like the Iceland frozen food company.

Why you need us?

We provide services in the fields of tax, online, IT and other accounting matters. Here is a glimpse of what we help you with:

  • Tax Accountants, Chester, and other areas

    With their skillful approach in managing the accounts and other reports, our tax accountants provide specialized services with commitment and dedication. They collect tax-related information, report to taxation authorities at the federal, state, county, and local levels promptly, and advise management on the tax impact of various corporate strategies. Our tax accountants accomplish the result by performing the duty diligently.

  • IT and Online Accountants, Chester and other areas

    With a complete understanding of court procedures, we can present evidence properly and calmly. Our IT accountants maintain financial security by following internal controls and prepare payments by verifying documentation and requesting disbursements. They answer accounting procedure questions by researching and interpreting accounting policy and regulations. They contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed. They maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.

  • Chartered Accountants, Chester, and other areas

    Our chartered accountants in Chester provide auditing and company secretarial services. They become trusted advisors for the client and add value to their work and business. They maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping financial information confidential.

  • Small business Accountants, Chester, and other areas

    Our small business accountants prepare documents such as income tax returns, monthly reports, and financial statements. They prepare special financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends. Combined with enthusiasm, utmost dedication, and superior technical prowess, our team helps the clients achieve just the best and receive reports about the in and out of their sector they operate in.

Services provided by DNS Accountants

  • Auto Enrolment
  • Business Growth
  • Company Formation
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Management Accounts service
  • Payroll RTI
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote
  • Registered Office
  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Tax Investigation Cover
  • VAT Registration Cover
  • VAT Registration and Returns Service
  • Year-End Accounts Service
  • Business Investment Relief
  • IPSE Membership

Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Professional Indemnity Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions, is a form of liability safety measure that protects professional service providing individuals or companies from claims made by a disappointed client after experiencing a poor service. The coverage focuses on the compensation given to the client which maybe huge in number and protects the individual or company from these costs.
Before joining hands and freezing the deal, we will keep special care of the level of cover you require and keep in mind your expectations before starting a contract. Also, keeping things simple, we will assist you in arranging this cover as a part of your full-business insurance policy.
Though you will never need a Professional Indemnity Insurance while working with DNS Accountants, we do not like taking any chances when our clients are in the picture. The DNS accountants will never make a mistake when it comes to client dealing and their satisfaction but even if they do (because they are human beings after all), we have got it all covered. At DNS Accountants, our covers range from £50,000 to £5,000,000 for providing professional indemnity insurance.

Self Assessment Tax Return

Usually, the tax is automatically subtracted from wages and pensions, but self-employed people must report their tax returns. Self Assessment Tax Return is a system devised by HMRC, which is used to collect Income Tax from these individuals who run their businesses.
As the name suggests, self-assessment tax is the tax which the tax payer computes on his own and deposits the government. Certain rules which one keeps in mind are listed below:

  • Self-assessment tax shall be paid before filing the income tax returns.
  • It must be accompanied with details of when the tax was paid, i.e., date and number, which are also mentioned on the Income Tax Return.
  • The tax must be paid before the deadline
  • On missing the deadline, one has to bear penalties. If the tax return is three months late, a £100 penalty is charged.

At DNS, we make sure you never worry of missing deadlines and bearing penalties. Our accountants take care of all the long procedures and waits, helping you keeping busy in running successful businesses only at £300.
Providing contractor accountants in Chester in various fields, DNS Accountants, take special care of all your accounting more efficiently. With our services extending to areas like Hazel Grove and Bramhill, Mickle Trafford, Saughall, Liverpool, Warrington, we have been fortunate to have served several clients in a variety of accounting genres which only add to the experience of our employees. Our Accountants in Chester are determined to serve with the best of their abilities and help their clients succeed in their area of work with all regulations and compliances duly followed. We believe in delivering satisfaction which can only be achieved by providing value in terms of tax advice, business development and fund management.

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