Managing business is no more a hectic job with the dawn of DNS Accountants at Camden:

The oxygen for any Accountancy Consultant Company to succeed is to provide transparent and robust services to the clients. DNS Accountants UK ranks amongst the best in providing expert business solutions that have left the clients no place for dissatisfaction. Established in 2005 and now headquartered at DNS House, London, we have assisted several renowned companies to attain greater revenue benefits with our expert financial data managements.

Contractor Accountants in Camden

Why prefer DNS?

We at DNS employ the expertise of highly qualified auditors and professionals who offer specialized advice according to the needs of individual clients. Our wide array of services, available both online and offline, ranging from financial accounting, auditing, management accounting, auditing and contractor accounting makes it easier for our clients to avail our services. Over the time our services have been able to improve the financial functioning of our client companies to a large extent. The main demand of any company lies in accelerating profitable growth while providing space for innovations. At DNS we have evolved with our long-term experience and thus, have been able to employ our knowledge to increase revenue growth plans of a company while simultaneously harvesting the disadvantage to transform it into an advantage.

Camden as the emerging economy

Carrying along with it the historic grandeur of England, Camden lay north to Westminster and was primarily an agricultural area until the intervention of railways in the 19th century. It is also the land which holds the famous school - Eton College and has retained its educational importance in recent times as well. Camden also has a history of multiple cultural invasions that has helped flourish its economy. With Camden emerging as the nucleus of upcoming industries, the need to expand our services especially contractor accountants has grown. Now we offer an extensive range of expert advice to the clients, setting up business in this emerging industrial hub.

Our services at Camden

Tax Accountants

An important criterion for tax accountants is the calculation of the internal revenue code based on the specific individual or company, which is a must to determine their tax return.  Tax accounting focuses on those items that are subjected to tax and thus requires proper documentation and calculation. Any flaw in the computation might affect the tax burden adversely. For managing such a tricky area, expert advice needs to be availed of. Our highly skilled professionals have analyzed and engaged themselves in attending to every nuance of our client’s tax problems and have come up with the best solutions that make the most out of the market economy. At Camden, we are providing first class tax consultancy services to both individuals and business organizations.

Online contractor accountants

This facility allows those with existing accountants with us to sign up and enjoy our services to pay their fees for licenses, permits, and other business deals. The elegant user interface along with personalized login and password allows our clients safe and secure access to their accounts. We offer straightforward accounting and with our exclusive support, clients from all over the country have benefitted from expert advice of our fast and thrifty accountants. You can be a start up business manager or an established business tycoon in Camden; our consultancy house is the best place to seek for learned advice because we look after your business with personalized care.

IT Contractor accountants

Since our establishment, we have been able to provide the IT contractors with every service they need for conducting business smoothly. The biggest priority for any IT contractor is the need for absolute secrecy. For all the IT contractors in Camden, we are finally here to provide you with our seasoned contracting services that will help you maximize your income and minimize your worries. This is not just our sole priority. At DNS we apply excellent care to treat your data with hardcore confidentiality.  We make perfect use of VAT schemes, both Cash accounting schemes, and flat rate schemes, to maximize your turnover.

Small business accountants

Our small business accounting facility is designed mainly for freelancers, consultants and small businesses with few employees. We turn every accounting process into an enjoyable experience. Our software is customized in such a manner that even a novice can easily manage his accountants with us. With modern tools that can synchronize banking data, payroll, purchase order yet maintain a transparent procedure, clients have chosen our time and again for our services. At Camden, we look forward to helping more and more aspiring entrepreneurs to make a successful business.

Chartered Accountants

A chartered accountant must be a reliable individual foremost. This requires that he be a licensed practitioner authorized by the Government.  On him relies the responsibility of calculating and deducting important taxes such as Income Tax, Wealth Tax, and Professional Tax for individuals. It is upon him the responsibility to calculate excise duty for businesses lies. Hence, for a company to flourish, an essential requirement is that of expert advice from experienced chartered accountants. At DNS, we function upon the expertise of highly qualified financial accountants and now is the time we extend this service to the dwellers of Camden.

Services provided by DNS Consultancy

  • Auto Enrolment
  • Business Growth
  • Company Formation
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Management Accountants
  • Payroll RTI
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote
  • Registered Office
  • Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Tax Investigation Cover
  • VAT Registration Cover
  • VAT Registration and Return Service
  • Year-End Accountants Service
  • Business Investment Relief
  • IPSE membership
Company Formation

To form a company in UK one has to set up a registration with the Companies House. Online registration can be done if the company is limited by shares. Documents or formalities for the registration are:

A Company Name, An Address, At Least One Director, At Least One Shareholder, A Memorandum Of Association, Details Of Company’s Shares, Articles Of Associations, Details Of People With Significant Hold Over The Company, SIC Code.

One the company is registered it gets a Certificate of Incorporation.

As we can see the process involves a lot of paperwork and financial decorum. We advise young businessmen of Camden, to make use of our services that will help them to start their business in no time, and assist them in attaining valuable profits.

Year End Accounts Service:  We offer professional and utilitarian services looking after your VAT, payroll and tax returns. An overview of the annual report is prepared by our professionals, examining all the annual accountants and company tax return for our clients. Spreadsheet accountants are provided for a company’s data, and we deal with the process of submission of the accountants to the Companies House as well as submit to the HMRC with their tax return.

We at DNS help in keeping accurate records of a company’s revenue and profit which provide great help to a company in developing future strategies. With our extended services to not just Camden, but also in nearby places such as Harrow, Central London, Wembley and Edgware we have helped many clients to enhance their company’s profitability.

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