DNS Accountants is a leading firm of accountants in Bournemouth and we help small business and contractors manage their business activities in Bournemouth in the best possible way. DNS Accountants perform accounting tasks for small businesses in Bournemouth and guide them regarding tax planning and tax filings. DNS Accountants is ranked among the top accountants in Bournemouth and we have been capturing the market since 2005 with a client base of over 1,200. Our team at DNS Accountants prefers to work with people who are passionate about their business and have a keen desire to grow.

 Accountants in Bournemouth

If clients are interested in exploring their business ideas, want to know if the business model is sustainable and are there any legal bindings of the new business, DNS Accountants is the place for you. Our team can help clients:

  • Articulate thoughts into ideas
  • Share skills and knowledge
  • Help you run the business


Bournemouth is situated in the southwest of London and has an incredible, energetic population. Bournemouth’s market is mainly dominated by the service sector and leisure industry is the leader. Bournemouth has many accounting jobs and there are a lot of opportunities in the public service and financial sector for University graduates. Prominent employers in this space include TCS, RIAS insurance and JPMorgan. Bournemouth has a booming youth society due to its large university population and is a tourist centre for leisure and amusement.


DNS Accountants is the best accountancy firm in Bournemouth providing taxation and accounting services to small businesses in and around Bournemouth and other neighboring areas. Our accounting practice for small business owners in Bournemouth includes the following services:

  • Management accounts, bookkeeping and business plans
  • Tax planning, Value Added Tax (VAT) registration and return filings
  • Individual taxation and self-assessment tax return
  • Year end accounting services and tax investigation
  • Real time information (RTI) payroll
  • Tax credit services
  • Auto Enrolment
  • Registered office service


DNS Accountants – accountants in and around Bournemouth, provide accountancy & taxation services that meet the needs of small business owners and individual taxpayers. It can be time consuming to keep pace with the ever changing legislations and regulations and can distract the business owners from the sole purpose of maximizing revenues. Our expert team of chartered accountants in Bournemouth helps clients in services such as bookkeeping, tax planning, auto enrolment and business management.

  • Accounts Management and Business Plan – In addition to preparing statutory accounts, our chartered accountants and taxation professionals in Bournemouth help in monthly and quarterly accounts management to keep the business informed of challenges, which the business might not see on a day to day basis.
  • Statutory Accounts – Our expert team of chartered accountants and taxation accountants in Bournemouth guide clients at every step and ensures complete transparency right through the process. Our team helps clients reduce the tax liability through proper tax planning and identifies areas for potential business development.
  • RTI And Payroll – Preparing weekly or monthly payroll can be a lengthy process and it’s difficult to be aware of the ever changing employment legislation. Our team informs the employers/contractors regarding auto enrolment and retirement planning.


Online accounting solutions typically are used for managing the firm’s financial records and track the flow of funds in the business. They provide answers to questions like:

  • How much does the business owe – accounts payable
  • How much money do the debtors owe – accounts receivable
  • Are all the salaries/wages paid on time?
  • How does the cash flow statement look?
  • Are there any problems for the business in meeting its current liabilities?

The management uses accounting systems to form long-term goals for the business and to administer and control the financial resources of the business. Nomisma Solution, our white labelled cloud-based accounting solution is programmed to meet the requirements of small businesses and freelancers. Nomisma is a very economical and fully integrated solution providing bookkeeping and taxation management including Value Added Tax (VAT), payroll and filings. . Nomisma Solution addresses the complete life-cycle of a business:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Auto Enrolment/payroll
  • Corporation tax
  • Company secretary
  • Self assessment


Our cost effective taxation accountants in Bournemouth guide individuals and businesses in the highest efforts toward reducing their tax obligations.

  • Tax investigations and disputes

    With years’ of experience in dealing with tax inquiry and investigation, our taxation consultants in Bournemouth help businesses resolve any investigations they are faced with. We also guide business on issues such as rental income disclosure, pay-as-your-earn (PAYE) tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and capital gains tax investigations.

  • Inheritance Tax

    Wealth inheritance from family members can have legal bindings and complications:
    • Advice on inheritance tax (IHT), family wealth succession and guidance on transfer of gifts with pre-owned assets
    • Calculations of Inheritance tax (IHT) and capital gains tax

  • Corporation Tax

    Our taxations accountants deal with corporate tax affairs for the clients, to include compliance & reporting. Our team helps clients to figure out the most effectual taxation structure for the business and computation of taxation liabilities.

  • Self Assessment and Tax Return (Income Tax)

    Self assessment can be confusing and time consuming for business/individual and self assessment is a system through with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) collects Income Tax. We help businesses and contractors maintain communication with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and can be present on behalf of the business in any event of investigation


  • Consistent and flawless services – Our team is very passionate about delivering what has been committed to the clients.
  • Digital services - With the quick and easy to use features of Nomisma Solution we are able to give clients a 24x7x365 real-time view of accounting and taxation activities.
  • Value driven services – Our team helps set up the most tax-efficient structure and keeps the business well informed about any changes in the rules.
  • Work flow supervision – Our accountants in Bournemouth bring a fresh perspective to complex taxation issues and make sure the business owners understand the tax implications.

DNS Accountants – accountancy firms in Bournemouth, provide specialized accountancy and taxation consulting that are adapted to the personal and business needs of small-businesses and contractors. Our cost effective accountancy services in Bournemouth focus on providing dedicated and professional services to all local businesses and individuals operating in Kinson, Springbourne, Winton, Boscombe, Throop, Southbourne, Southampton and Westbourne.

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