Why form an offshore company in Jersey?

Jersey has a unique status as it has negotiated a special association with EEC ensuring that domestic taxes are not applicable. The main tax that residents have to pay is income tax, which is set at a flat rate of 20%. Jersey offers an attractive offshore company regime. The island changed to a 0/10 system, which means that is has a 0% corporation tax rates, except for finance companies which pay 10%.

Form an Offshore Company in Jersey

Benefits of Forming an Offshore Company in Jersey

  1. 20% of income tax on utility companies, rental income and profits on property development
  2. 0% or 10% tax rate on residential companies
  3. Incorporate company within 24 hours
  4. Full confidentiality and anonymity maintained for foreign investors
  5. No local member required
  6. Records cannot be publicly accessed
  7. Change in domicile is permitted