Why form an offshore company in Belize?

Belize is very well situated in between North America and South America. Apart from being a hotspot for beach holidays, it is also one of the tax havens in the world. Belize IBCs are also commonly used for the ownership of real estate property and land; for ownership of intellectual property licensing and franchising; personal service by individuals working overseas and offshore e-business. These are just some examples. The Belize IBC may be used in many other ways to save on taxes.

Form an Offshore Company in Belize

Benefits of Forming an Offshore Company in Belize

  1. 0% tax on income, capital and corporate
  2. Zero sales tax
  3. 24x7 banking support
  4. You can use Nominee Directors to remain confidential
  5. Local agent not required for the position of Director
  6. Incorporate a company within 48 hours
  7. Filing annual returns not required
  8. Require only one director and one shareholder