Why form an offshore company in Ajman Free Zone?

Ajman’s FTZ (free trade zone) comes with various benefits for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. FTZ is especially helpful for those who are into imports and exports as in these zones there is zero intervention from custom authorities. Add to this the tax laws are very relaxed which means you get to take back the profit intact that you have earned.

In Ajman FTZ, you are allowed to do business in UAE and also can have office space. There is 0% corporate tax and full 100% repatriation of capital and profits. You also get your trade licenses within 24 hours. FTZ is also one of the places where you have the least labour cost.

Form an Offshore Company in Ajman FTZ

Benefits of Forming an Offshore Company in Ajman FTZ

  1. 24x7 banking options available
  2. License released within 24 hours
  3. Extra services – 1 year full maintenance cost, general services and other utility charges
  4. A total of 40 years of tax free operations in FTZ
  5. 0% corporate tax
  6. Best infrastructure to set up office, low handling charges and labour costs.
  7. 100% exemption from import and export duties
  8. 0 service charge
  9. Lowest lease prices in the UAE