About the Emirate of Ajman

The Ajman is the smallest of the seven emirates, having a mere area of 260 square kilometres which makes it the smallest emirate in terms of area. If we calculate it in percentile, then Ajman covers only 0.3% area of the UAE without the islands. Ajman has a population of about 262,186 as of 2011 and its GDP was AED 16,441 according to the current prices, recorded in 2013.

Ajman is a small emirate and despite having very small area, it has few sandy beaches, however it is predominantly described by the tough Hajjar mountain range. In spite of the fact that Ajman city is modern and provides up-to-date services and facilities, it mirrors its traditional appeal. Shaykh Humayd bin Rashid Al Nuʿaymi is the ruler of the Ajman.

Economy of the Emirate of Ajman

As stated by the Ajman Annual Economic Report 2014, GDP growth of the Ajman is increased by the 5%, at current market prices it is as grown from AED 15,690 million to AED 16,441 million in 2013. Since ancient times, Ajman’s economy is relying on fishing and trade which helped the city to emerge as a growing city with all the latest technology and facilities.

In the recent GDP growth of Ajman, contribution of various industries was also substantial. The real estate, construction, business services and financial corporation seems a growth of 8% in 2013, wholesale, retail trade and repairing services noticed a growth of 6% in 2013 as compared to 2012.

Ajman Port and Ajman Free Zone are the two main players in the economic growth of the Ajman.

To know more about Ajman’s economical growth, visit the link to see the annual performance report of the Ajman.

Why form an offshore company in Ajman?

Ajman established at the end of 18th century is one of the 7 Emirates of UAE. There is no corporate tax or income tax levied on businesses set up in their country. It is one of the most popular places for international investors especially after US-EU agreement to have more control over tax havens. After the 2003 EU Savings Directive, Ajman has seen a large influx of investors and young entrepreneurs.

Form an Offshore Company in Ajman

Benefits of Forming an Offshore Company in Ajman

  1. 100% tax exemption on income tax, corporate tax, capital and profit tax.
  2. Get trade license within 24 hours
  3. No annual filing required
  4. 24x7 banking facility available
  5. 0% tax on capital gains and VAT
  6. Create multi currency accounts
  7. Incorporation of your company within 1 day