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DNS Accountants are a leading accounting and taxation firm based in Reading and other part of the UK. Our Reading office offers a full range of compliance and accounting services to owner-managed businesses, landlords, contractors / freelancers in Reading and surrounding areas such as the Thames Valley. Our aim is to provide individual services to owner-managed businesses, landlords (services for construction industry) and landlords.

Accounting Services in Reading

We enable businesses in Reading to work more effectively. Our team helps businesses in Reading to meet their current obligations effectively. We advice that business owners should make use of accounting and taxation consultants like DNS Accountants in Reading to have a holistic view of the business and make decisions accordingly. Our team, of ACAs and CAs, has wealth of knowledge and expertise to support businesses achieve their goals.

Business start-up services in Reading

Our services for start-ups in Reading include:

  • Complete registration process with Companies House
  • Handle company secretarial issues
  • Measure the finance requirements, and draft a proposal
  • Opening of new business bank accounts
  • Prepare a business plan, and forecast budgets
  • Opting for the most suitable structure for the business (i.e. sole trader, partnership, etc.)

Corporation Tax services in Reading

Corporation Tax Planning plays an important part in the financial planning of a business. Our professional advisors in Reading help businesses achieve substantial gain and savings. We offer a range of services to assist in minimising corporate tax exposure. These include:

  • Determine the most tax effectual structure for businesses in Reading
  • Take advantage of tax reliefs in Reading
  • Make the most of tax opportunities specific to an industry in Reading
  • Meet the compliance guidelines including corporation tax self assessment
  • Interact with Companies House and HMRC on behalf of the business
  • Efficient tax planning to improve bottom line

Construction Industry services in Reading

Rules and regulations of the construction industry are complex and time consuming. With years of experience with the construction industry, we take pride in claiming that we have been able to handle almost all specific problems faced by landlords and builders, contractors and sub-contractors, and were able to provide effective solutions.

Cash-flow Projections in Reading

Our team of learned accountants in Reading understand that financial management plays a significant part in the success of a business and is also a cause of concern for most businesses and individuals. We at DNS Accountants assist businesses in Reading with preparing a cash-flow forecast to enable businesses plan for financial position for the future. We will also help businesses prepare reports of bank purposes as we know that incorrect information could result in ineffective funding requests. We provide valuable and truthful services that are tailored to the specific needs of the business. We are flexible in our approach and advise businesses in the best possible way to drive the business forward

Payroll Services in Reading

DNS payroll services deal with tax & National Insurance (NI) payments; additional employee benefits; online submitting of forms; pensions; and IR35 and other tax legislation. We help businesses in Reading with the payroll services such as tax code details; enrol new employees for payroll; pensions and National Minimum Wage guidance and enrolment. We can also help businesses with administration of pay-as-you-earn (PAYE), national insurance (NI), Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) etc. We make sure that all deadlines are met and the amount is paid to HMRC on time. We will also issue payslips to all the employees and share the report with the business. For us to provide effective payroll services to businesses in Reading, we will need the following details:

  • Company PAYE reference and Tax office
  • Employee details – full name, address, date of birth, date of joining and salary
  • Employee's department and division
  • Full details of the business – nature of business; industry; number of employees; financial year-end (calendar year or financial year)
  • National insurance (NI) number and completed P46; We can sure the company's name is correct in the Employers name box on page 2 of form P46

Tax Investigations Services in Reading

We keep the business updated about their filing deadlines and other regulatory changes to make sure that business do not face any compliance issues. Tax investigations in the UK follow a very stringent process and if found guilty can levy high penalties on the business. DNS Accountants provide in-depth knowledge with regards to tax issues and assist through the tax investigation

Tax credits Services in Reading

Child Tax Credit – We also help citizens of Reading with child tax credit. If an individual is responsible for at least one child or a younger family member living with the family, an individual qualify for Child Tax Credit

Tax Rebates Services in Reading

Our team helps people in Reading with tax rebate services. If an individual is affected by wrong tax charges and then might be eligible for a refund. If an individual has faced the following circumstances then we can definitely help them:

  • When an individual started working and was / is taxed under an emergency code
  • HMRC sent an incorrect tax code to the employer
  • HMRC made an estimation which was too high
  • Multiple jobs or a short-term job
  • A student working as a part-time employee and did not complete form P38S
  • Earning for the year are less than the threshold
  • A individual is a working visitor in the UK

Self assessment Services in Reading

The constant changes to tax structure and the uncertainty caused by BREXIT makes it even trickier to understand the tax regulations. We help individuals stay compliant with the changing needs thereby avoiding penalties. We perform the necessary computation and even offer recommendation on how to minimise tax liabilities

VAT Returns Services in Reading

We provide cost effective VAT service, which includes VAT registration assistance; Administration and planning of VAT; VAT control and reconciliation; Completion of VAT returns; and representing business at tribunals

Why Choose DNS Accountants Near Reading

Businesses in Reading can contact us through our direct line at +44 20 8903 6330 or send an e-mail query at For other information, clients can subscribe to our social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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