Borehamwood, a town in southern Hertfordshire, is famous for its TV studious and films. It earned the name 'British Hollywood' and is renowned all over for Elstree Studios. These studios were recently used for TV series Big Brother and Who wants to be a Millionaire. Another studio, Millennium Studios, is located on Elstree Way, Borehamwood. As part of its development strategy, the town is experiencing a considerable housing alteration as new homes are being built to offer comfortable living for the residents. Borehamwood is surrounded by Well End, Stanmore, Ridge, High Barnet, Barnet Gate, Edgware, Mill Hill, Shenley, Elstree and Arkley.

Borehamwood Accountants

DNS Accountants is a knowledgeable firm of Chartered Accountants (CA) and business advisers based in Borehamwood. The company is proactive in business planning and advisory services, which are a step ahead of the conventional accountancy and taxation services work. Our team works with small-businesses in Borehamwood to identify strategies that help the business succeed, and earn profit thereby expanding footprint. Our website contains a broad range of guides suggesting key taxation, accounting and business information, which small businesses in Borehamwood will find useful.

Our clients recognise us for the value we add to their business, as our learned team makes real-time difference to their business and finances. Small-businesses in Borehamwood receive the premier level of service from our trusted advisers who continuously strive to help clients achieve their short and long-term goals. With the changing laws and regulations and the uncertainty arising because of BREXIT, most businesses are curious about the impact BREXIT with have on their business activities. To encounter inconvenience at each stage, our team is well prepared to tackle all issue small businesses in Borehamwood may face.

DNS Accountants in Borehamwood was established with the aim of providing affordable bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services and support to local businesses to enable them work efficiently, without any interruption to trade. We are available for all our clients round-the-clock to help them grow the business and earn profits. Our aim is to lift the burden of financial administration so that small-business owners in Borehamwood can focus on the business activities. DNS Accountants is licensed and regulated by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Accounting Services in Borehamwood by DNS Accountants

Accounting services in Borehamwood:

Our team of accounting professionals help businesses understand their financial statements – balance sheet, cash-flow, and profit and loss account. We enable businesses to operate effectively and make certain that businesses in Borehamwood are at all times compliant with their filing deadlines. Additional services include formation of company, opening of bank account to carry on business operations, registration for value added tax (VAT), enrolling in insurance schemes for business, and tax investigation cover.

Bookkeeping services in Borehamwood:

DNS Accountants offer bookkeeping services to businesses in Borehamwood which include ledger posting, day book posting, cash book updation, invoice generation, purchase entry, quarterly or monthly tax return filing.

National Insurance (NI) services in Borehamwood:

DNS Accountants helps people in Borehamwood with NI services. In CY2015, David Cameron guaranteed that there will be no increase in income tax, NI or VAT. However, in the UK Spring Budget 2017, Philip Hammond disclosed the plan to increase NI for self-employed workers.

Auto enrolment for employees in Borehamwood:

In October 2012, Auto-enrolment was introduced in the UK. In excess of 6.1 million employees had been effectively enrolled by the end of March 2016, a 1 million increase on a year-on-year (y-o-y) basis. We help the residents of Borehamwood with auto enrolment. According to the Retirement Confidence Monitor, 80% individuals were in favour of a scheme where they are enrolled into a pension scheme automatically when they take up a job.

Start-up business in Borehamwood:

We understand that with technology going to a next level and new start-ups coming up the demand and need of businesses increase. Also, each start-up business has different needs and requirements. DNS Accountants help start-ups in Borehamwood with all their business needs.

Self assessment in Borehamwood:

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) collect tax through self assessment and HMRC has announced a revamp of the Self Assessment process, making it easier for the self-employed. Some businesses in Borehamwood and other parts of UK could be using a new tax system as early as 2018, whilst the changes are expected to be phased in completely by 2020.

Payroll services in Borehamwood:

We provide payroll services; leave management services, year-end certification services, RTI return services along with other in Borehamwood. For all businesses it is important to note that Sage, UK's software company, has stated that it plans to dispose-off its US payments division, however, plans to hold on to the UK business.

Why Choose DNS Accountants Near Borehamwood?

We also provide services for the construction industry which are in-line with the requirements and guidelines of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). We help landlords to understand how they can utilise their earnings in order to make additional gains. Our services include self-assessment tax returns; guidance on capital gains, guidance on inheritance tax, and VAT planning. Our CAs helps business with recovery & closure services including creditors' voluntary liquidation (CVL), company voluntary arrangements (CVA), and members' voluntary liquidations (MVL).

We are associated with IPSE and through our IPSE associate, we help businesses with services such as dedicated consultant tax investigation; agreement compensation upto £1000; compensation of ~£2000 for injured or ailing individuals; helpline for taxation and legal queries; toolkit for business template; accurate filing and compliance management. DNS Accountants in Borehamwood is a leading accounting and taxation firm providing services to small-businesses across the UK. We dedicate ourselves to provide accountancy, taxation, and other business related services to companies as well as to business owners and their employees. Our focus is on simple yet modern approach to services providing a highly personalised service that makes material difference to the business. Our empathetic and wide-ranging service offers accountancy, book-keeping and management accounts, business consultancy, and payroll services. We also offer services for tax investigation which include employer compliance dispute, director and partnership queries, pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) cover, income tax self assessment, and schedule 36 enquiries.

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