• DNS-Accountants

    Accountants For Freelancers

    Are you a freelancer or thinking about turning into one?Though being a freelancer gives the opportunity to work with many clients and a lot many projects but when it comes to managing the finances, you definitely need a specialist freelance accountant for managing the finance and bookkeeping.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Company Formation UK

    Company formation or company registration refers to the process of incorporation of an organisation in the UK.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Find An Accountants Near Me

    DNS Accountants' is one of the leading accounting and taxation firm in the UK market. Recently, the firm won the Acquisition International (AI) 2016 Most Innovative Accountancy Firm Award. DNS currently has ~90 employees.

  • DNS-Accountants

    How Much Tax Will I Pay

    For an employee, it is important to understand the tax structure, as an imprecise understanding of the structure can lead to the usage of wrong tax code and incorrect tax payment. Each employee pays income tax

  • DNS-Accountants

    What Is An Eori Number

    EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number is required by a person or dealer who is carrying out custom activities in the European Union (EU). This system began on 1 July 2009 by all EU member states.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Free Invoice Templates For Freelance Selfemployed Word And Excel

    All the sales and purchases of a business are recorded. An invoice makes available the details about a sale, including the business name, address, quantity, costs, and applicable tax rate.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Complete Guide To Directors Loan Account

    As a director, there might be instances, such as financing a house deposit, certain purchases etc., when it becomes imperative to borrow money from one's own limited company. In such circumstances,

  • DNS-Accountants

    Hmrc Inheritance Tax Changes And Threshold

    Inheritance tax is the tax charged on the property, possessions, and money when a person dies. The Government evaluates the worth of the estate, and then reduces the debits from the estate value to arrive at the final inherited wealth.

  • DNS-Accountants

    How To Pay Companies House Late Filing Penalties

    It is imperative for all small business and freelancer / contractor in the United Kingdom to be on top of the tax filing deadline, along with different tax rates and thresholds. Both, small businesses working as a limited company

  • DNS-Accountants

    Vat Flat Rate Scheme Calculator

    The amount of Value added tax (VAT) a business pays the HMRC or claims back is actually the difference between the VAT charged on the invoice for the goods and services sold to the customer and VAT charged on the inwards

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