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    Directors Loan Account (DLA) is an account on the company financial records that reports all transactions between the director and the company.

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    ESA (Employment And Support Allowance) Overview | ESA Contact Numbers

    Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is a kind of assistance which is provided to people who are unable to take up employment due to certain disability or illness.

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    The word "dividend" comes from the Latin word.Which means thing to be divided. The very first payment of dividend was made by the Dutch East India Company and it was the first recorded company to pay regular dividends to its shareholders.

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    At DNS Accountants our-team of chartered accountants takes the load and hard work of accounting out ofthe hands of the contractors, helping them focus on growing their business and maximizing profits. DNS Accountants provide high-quality, specialist accountancy and taxation service to UK contractors.

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    If a business owner is planning to value his / her company it becomes imperative to correctly estimate the value of a business.

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    What Is Nhs Number Find Lost Nhs Number

    National Health Insurance number, commonly known as NHS Number, is a unique number allocated to you at the time of birth and is later mapped with your medical records on a national patient database.

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    Housing Benefits

    Housing Benefit, a means tested social security benefit in UK, was launched with the intention to help those who stay in rented accommodation and have low income. It is the second biggest item in the Department for Work and Pensions Budget.

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    Hm Land Registry

    Land Registry is a non-ministerial department of the UK Government which was created in the year 1862 to register the ownership of land and property.

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    Public Liability And Business Insurance

    Liability Insurance is a part of the general insurance system to protect the insurer from any kind of risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and damages caused by it.

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    Travel And Subsistence Expenses Hmrc

    Travel and Subsistence expenses refers to the expenses an employee incurs during his official visits or business travel, which includes expenses on travel, meals, hotels, sundry items like laundry and other miscellaneous expenses.

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