Download Maternity Pay Allowance MA1 Claim Form

To claim maternity allowance, one needs to fill the MA1 form and send it to Wrexham Maternity Allowance center. Form MA1 is the form for claiming maternity pay allowance, it can be filled both online and offline. You can download and take printout of the form by clicking on the button below

You can also fill the form online and then take its printout and send it to Wrexham Maternity Allowance.

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How to fill form MA1?

Form MA1 for Maternity Pay Allowance

The form consists of 12 parts which needs to be filled

Part 1 – Fill out your personal details like name, address, NI number, contact details and expected due date of baby.

Part 2 – Fill out the work details like whether you were employed by an employer during the 15th week. Use the claim pack to work out the individual details.

Part 3 – Fill out the test period details and whether you are self employed, employed or an agency worker

Part 4 – Give details about all your employers you have worked with during the test period. The details should include name, address, phone number, employment dates and payroll number.

Part 5 – This part is only for agency workers. If you have not worked with an agency then simply check on NO and proceed to the Part 6. If you have worked with an Agency, then share the full details of the agency similar to the details filled in part 4.

Part 6 – Share details about self-employment during the test period.

Part 7 – Share details about your self-employed spouse or civil partner during your test period

Part 8 – If you have spend any time abroad other than for holidays than you need to fill this part. Just share the basic details as given in the form. Check ‘YES’ to fill this part or ‘NO’ to proceed to next part.

Part 9 – Fill out the details if you are getting any benefit or money from any governmental agency like DWP or any training agency.

Part 10 – Provide your bank details in which you want the payment to be received along with the frequency of receiving payments.

Part 11 & 12 – Share any other relevant information you think you might have relevant to maternity allowance and then sign the declaration.

You should also use the notes sheet as a reference while filling up the form

Download Notes Sheet


Where to send form MA1 offline?

The completely filled form needs to be send to the address (if you reside in England, Scotland or Wales)

Wrexham Maternity Allowance
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1SU

If you stay abroad, then send it to –

International Pension Centre
The Pension Service 11
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LW

Contact Number

For English speaking users - 0800 169 0283

For Welsh speaking users - 0800 169 0296


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