Calculate & Check Maternity Pay Amount for Employee

How to Calculate Maternity Pay Amount for Employees?

Women are eligible for maternity pay if they fulfill certain conditions – they are permanent employee earning more than £116 a week (after deducting taxes and national insurance). Also the leave start date and baby’s due date cannot be more than 11 weeks. The maternity allowance per week is £145.18 a week or 90% of the weekly earnings. You can use our calculator to calculate how much of allowance you are eligible depending on your leave duration and employment status. Check out the paragraph below the calculator to see how to use it.

Maternity Pay Calculator

* This calculator is only for reference purposes. For accurate and detailed report, please consult with an accountant. *

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How to use the calculator?

Weekly Pay – Input your average pay per week after deducting national insurance.

Baby’s Due Date – Date when your baby is expected

Leave Dates – Give the dates when you are expected to start your leave and the date when you would like to resume office.

You can also get more SMP if your company has some maternity pay scheme.

Important points to remember while calculating maternity pay

Statutory Maternity Pay

Example for Maternity Pay

  • A women is eligible for 52 weeks of maternity leave
  • Statutory Maternity Pay is allowed for 39 weeks
  • For the first 6 weeks, the employee gets 90% of her weekly earnings.
  • For the next 6 weeks, she will get £145.18 a week or 90% of the weekly earnings (whichever is lower)

Case 1 (Leave duration is 6 weeks or less)

Suzanne earns £1400 a month. After deducting national insurance and income tax her average weekly income is £250. She is a full time employee. The leave she has requested for is 6 weeks. So her maternity pay would be –

Weekly amount = (0.9 x £250)

= £225

Maternity allowance = (6 x £225)

= £871.08

Case 2 (Leave duration is up to 39 weeks)

If Suzanne applies for 30 weeks of leave, then her maternity allowance would be –

For first 6 weeks = £871.08 (as calculated in case 1)

For remaining, 24 weeks –

Weekly amount = £145.18 (as 90% of her actual weekly pay is above £145.18)

Weekly amount for the remaining 24 weeks = (24 x £145.18)

= (£3484.32)

Total maternity pay for Suzanne = £871.08 + £3484.32

= £4355.40

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