Watford is a town situated in Hertfordshire, UK and lies on the border of the Chiltern Hills. Its neighbouring areas include Hemel Hempstead in the North; Harrow in the South; Chesham, Rickmansworth, and Northwood in the West; and St Albans, Borehamwood, and Bushey in the East. Watford's history is profoundly rooted in its beneficial location, and the strength of its local economy. Traditionally, Watford has been an important location for industry and business activities. It is a successful commercial hub and is a popular place where people prefer to live, work and enjoy

Additionally, Watford is the chief town in Hertfordshire and the single non-metropolitan borough entirely contained within the M25. It has benefited from exceptional transport links. It is a business-related and trade hub serving ~500,000 residents within a 20 minute travel time. Watford's town centre attracts visitors to enjoy its wide retail offering, and recent initiatives such as New Watford Market, the public realm enhancements, and comprehensive events programme enables High Street to fare reasonably well during a demanding period for town centres across the UK. The imminent £150mn redevelopment of Charter Place, which is due for completion by the end of 2017, also shows the town's continued attractiveness as one of the premier trading destinations nationally

Business in Watford

Knowledge based industries are driven by innovative actions and the increasing use of technology. Watford is well established as a knowledge-based region as compared with the other regions nationally. This is evident from the fact that Watford is home to larger employers (many operate in the shared services or knowledge-based business model) along with being a small-and-medium enterprise (SME) business base. To provide additional opportunities for residents of this Borough investment in excess of £1.5bn is being made by means of both public and private funding to bring forward more employment and housing spaces for residents of Watford. The Metropolitan Line Extension is a £284.4mn investment to widen the Watford Branch of the Metropolitan Tube Line to Watford Junction via Watford High Street

DNS Accountants in Watford

If businesses are looking for a team of dependable, easy to talk to and down to business accountants who will do more than just respond to the business needs, DNS Accountants are the more suited ones for businesses in Watford.

Modern business environment is fast-pacing, and highly competitive. To be able to sustain in this competitive environment business owners need the guidance and support of accounting and taxation professionals who provide in-time, effectual solutions to businesses in Watford. Our services include:

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We aim to reduce administrative burden by taking care of all bookkeeping and accounting needs, including the preparation of financial statements and annual accounts. Annual accounts are required by Companies House and HMRC and we can prepare annual accounts for sole trader, limited company or partnerships. We work with businesses to prepare accounts in a format accepted by HMRC and Companies House.

Business start-up service

We help businesses in Watford with all services for setting up a new business; these might include insurance, bank account, tax structure, pension plan for employees etc. We can help start-ups in Watford from day one to find the best methods of managing their books and the best tax saving options. We can assist businesses with the preparation of a business plan and opt for the best business structure. We can also help start-ups in Watford with raising finance for all aspects of the business. Our prime business start-up services ensure that business is always compliant with HMRC guidelines you are a success. We give advice on business structure; business plan; and notifying the authorities. In addition to these core services we can give advice on the following:

  • Company formation and registration for VAT
  • Business strategy to attract more customers
  • Pricing strategy
  • Information about direct mail, telephone marketing, and other ways to advertise the business

Company secretary

We help business stay complaints with the Companies Act, thereby, saving the valuable times of business owner

Tax Investigations

We keep the business updated about their filing deadlines and other regulatory changes to make sure that business do not face any compliance issues. Tax investigations is a rigorous process and if found guilty can levy high penalties on the business. DNS Accountants provide in-depth knowledge with regards to tax issues and assist through the tax investigation.

Corporate finance

We help small-businesses in Watford with finance management thereby ensuring that business have the necessary finance required achieving their short-and-long-term goals


We help businesses in Watford with administering their payroll, thereby, saving their time and burden, redirecting effort and resources to focus on the core activities of business. We will need to support of businesses in Watford to provide us with the following information:

  • Employee tax code identification; company PAYE reference and tax office
  • Details about employees – full name of employee along with their address, date of joining, date of birth and salary
  • Department and division of the employee
  • Full details of the business
  • National insurance (NI) number and completely filled form P46; To avoid any issue, we ensure that the company's name is accurate in the employers name box on page 2 of form P46

Personal tax planning

With tax administration becoming complex, we help residents of Watford with personal tax planning. We provide year round tax advice on – Capital Gains tax; Inheritance tax; Income tax; Trusts and estates; and non-domiciliary tax issues.


We provide competent VAT service, which includes:

  • Assistance all through VAT registration
  • Advice on VAT planning and structure
  • Opt for the most appropriate scheme
  • Help with completing VAT returns
  • Representing business at VAT tribunals
  • VAT control and settlement

Self assessment

We can save residents of Watford a lot of time, and money by handling their self assessment queries. Our team of learned ACAs and CAs will do all the required computations, completion and filing of returns, as well as give advice on how to minimise the tax liability.

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