Reporting changes to Companies house

There are many circumstances appear during the lifetime of a company, where you need to update your company details and report the changes to Companies house. You may also need to tell these changes to HMRC or for some changes you may need to pass a resolution. You can easily carry out these changes free of charge online.

Reporting changes to Companies house
In this article we cover:

Common changes you need to report to Companies house

The most common changes that you need to report to Companies house are as follows –

  1. Change in company name.
  2. Change in registered office address.
  3. Change in details of directors and secretaries.
  4. Appointment and removal of company secretaries.
  5. Change in company structure.
  6. Moving of statutory company records.
  7. Changes in the register of people with significant control.
  8. Appointment of an accountant.
  9. Using a single alternative inspection location address (SAIL).
  10. Allotment of new shares.
  11. Transferring of shares.
  12. Alteration in articles of association.
  13. Charges associated with the company.
  14. Change in accounting reference date.

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Reporting changes to Companies house

  1. Company name

    – In case you want to change the registered name of your company, you need to contact Companies house as soon as possible and adopt the procedure as specified in the articles of association. New name to your company will be issued, when the same is registered and approved by Companies house. You will get a certificate of incorporation with a new company name after getting confirmation from Companies house. After change in the company name, you must notify these changes to your bank as well as other third parties too.
  2. Registered office

    – In case you are changing the location of your registered office, you must notify Companies house as long as your office is in the same country. In such case, you must contact Companies house immediately so that all statutory mails should be delivered to your new address. There is no need for you to notify these changes to HMRC as Companies house themselves will communicate except any change you have done in the contact details of a group payment arrangement.
  3. Articles of association

    – In case you want any alteration in “Articles of association”, then your company shareholders or guarantors need to pass a special resolution in order to get approval for such changes. Then, the copy of the altered document will be sent to Companies house for approval within 15 days. You also need to file copy of member’s resolution at the same time to change the articles.
  4. Share capital

    – You need to tell companies house in case you are issuing/allotting more shares in your company. You must contact companies house within one month of issuing/allotting of shares but there is no need for you to update details of shareholder’s by use of confirmation statement at the same time.

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Changes to report at Companies house within 14 days

There are certain changes which you need to report to Companies house within 14 days –

  1. Resignation or removal of director from the company.
  2. Changes in details of director such as name, service address, nationality, residential address, occupation, country of residence.
  3. Appointment or removal of company secretary.
  4. Changes in details of secretary.
  5. Moving of statutory company records to different inspection location.

Such changes can easily be done online through Companies house web filing service. In case of other changes, you may need to do paper filing with different timescales.

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Reporting changes through companies house web filing service

Companies house web filing service is an online filing service for UK registered limited companies and limited liability partnerships in order to file changes in company details to companies house.

In order to get registered for Companies house web filing service, you need to create an e-mail address and a password. An authentication code will be sent by Companies house to your registered office address which you will use as your digital signature for completion of web filing registration as well as electronically filing your information to Companies house. After completing your web filing registration, you will be able to file the following –

  1. Updation of company details
  2. Filing of annual confirmation statement
  3. Audit exempt annual accounts
  4. Dormant annual accounts

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Reporting changes to HMRC

You must notify HMRC about the following changes –

  1. Updation of company details.
  2. Change in company name.
  3. Change in company’s trading address.
  4. Filing of company tax return by using corporation tax online.
  5. Change in corporation tax accounting period.
  6. Change in Accountant or advisor

Note – In case you sell or close your company, you need to separately contact all relevant departments of HMRC, where your company registration has been done i.e. VAT, PAYE, Corporation tax etc.

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