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Employment Intermediaries Reporting

If you have any requirements in intermediaries reporting then we can be of great help with the reporting. As have been seen in several cases, the UK legislation wants recruitment agencies to report all the assignments placed to the workers to HMRC. If the workers are on agency payroll then their reports should be sent to HMRC on a weekly basis using RTI reporting (if payment is done weekly). However, the workers are getting paid through some other alternative like, a PSC, or CIS scheme or through an umbrella, then the reporting of the payment must be done quarterly to HMRC.

Information HMRC will ask you to process Employment Intermediaries Reporting

Below mentioned are the important information that HMRC will need from you to process the reporting. This will only make your life smoother and happier.

Complete Guide About employment intermediaries reporting

Details of Employment Intermediariess:

  • Name
  • Address
  • UTR number of your agency

Worker details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • NI number

Details of Worker Engagement:

  1. Start and end date of assignment
  2. Payment details (including VAT)

It is expected that almost all the agencies would be having this information. Only information that they might not have is the NI number because the workers are not directly paid by them. We have contracts with our workers hence we are able to give information to agencies.

The information is downloaded in the same format as it is asked by HMRC hence it is easier for us to submit the information they seek. The information report can be downloaded any time and checked before sending it to HMRC as a part pf quarterly process.

Important Dates for Employment Intermediaries Reporting

Below table will help you understand the important dates for reporting and the deadlines too. You should keep yourself aware of these dates if you are into agency recruitment.

Reporting Dates

Deadline Dates

Date to Replace the Report

April 6 to July 5

August 5

November 5

July 6 to October 5

November 5

February 5

October 6 to January 5

February 5

May 5

January 6 to April 5

May 5

August 5

For any kind of help regarding intermediaries reporting, you can contact us send a mail to us with your requirements. You will get the response from our team within 24 hours. We are constantly working to improve the process and make our workers life easier by removing the hurdles on their ways.

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