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We have got it all covered:

  • Claim allowable expenses without any risk
  • Daily payroll and same day payments
  • Easy and hassle-free service
  • Strong focus on compliance to keep you safe
  • FCSA & Professional Passport Accredited Member

dns umbrella

If you're just starting out on your contracting journey or taking on a short-term contract, getting paid through an umbrella company can be a stress-free option.

DNS Umbrella takes care of all your compliance, taxes and make sure you get paid on time. We will employ you under an employment contract and run Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and National Insurance contributions – which means no surprise tax bills. You are entitled to all employment benefits like workplace pensions, holiday pay, maternity pay/paternity pay and sick pay.

With DNS having more than 15 years of experience in contracting industry, you know you are in safe hands


Why dns umbrella?

Irrespective of the sector you work in or your expertise, with DNS umbrella you can enjoy all employment benefits along with the flexibility of being a contractor.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Ongoing employment

    Continuous employment for all your contracting jobs. Maintain continuity with the same employer – easy to secure a mortgage or get a loan.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Same Day Faster Payments

    We aim to pay you as soon as possible.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Statutory Payments

    All employment benefits like Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay/Paternity Pay.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Holiday Pay

    Accrue your holiday pay to get paid when you take time out or simply receive it with your pay each week/month (rolled-up).

  • DNS-Accountants

    Workplace Pension

    We even got your retirement covered.

  • DNS-Accountants

    Claim Allowable Expenses

    Take home more of your net pay. If you are travelling to multiple sites regularly you can claim mileage. For more on expenses please speak to us today.

  • DNS-Accountants

    £25 million business insurance

    To protect you against any risks.

  • DNS-Accountants


    Our top most priority is to protect you from risks


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