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Are you lost in dealing with accounts in order to meet the deadlines? Did you give up in finding trustworthy accounting services within your reach? We at DNS Accountants make you hassle free with our accounting and other services across the UK. DNS Accountants in Peterborough offers services in accounting, tax planning and consulting services in Harrow, Watford, Reading and Euston (London).From the time of establishment, our team won the trust of our clients with their professionalism, commitment, and dedication.

We provide you with a service that is personalized. DNS Accountants provides you with a dedicated account manager with whom you can discuss all aspects of your financial life. We also provide our online services through an amazing software system called Nomisma, which is specially designed for freelancers and contractors. We have created a mobile app to upload the pictures of your receipts from any place. Within 8 years of our establishment, we had won British Accountancy Award and had been nominated as a finalist for the past two years.This proves that our accountants are always trusted advisors to you.

Overview of business at Peterborough

Peterborough is one of the artificial commuter towns north of London, like Welwyn Garden City or Milton Keynes. The city has a very rich heritage and has greatly expanded since Second World War. The area has produced some of the richest marine fossils in the world.

Besides this rich history, own folklore and traditions, the city’s imperishable development is above all. Food and drink, energy and environment, Agri-tech, engineering and manufacturing and so on are the major industries in this city. It is a place where one can set up their own business with low assets and low wages. Therefore, the city attracts many investors. The city is covered with major industries like Redring Xpelair, Dresser- Rand, Bokomo, Baker Perkins and so on. Peterborough’s Agri-tech, food and drink manufacturers are the heart of the UK’s economy.

Besides these industries, Peterborough is a major educational centre with colleges like University Centre Peterborough, Peterborough Regional College, National Institute of Agricultural Botany. Well, renowned consultancies like Aecom, LDA Design, and many others are also located in Peterborough. With the best practices and innovations, Peterborough became the UK’s sixth most innovative city.

Why stop at DNS?

Our ACCA and CIMA certified staff members are always ready to help you out whenever you need it. Our Peterborough accountants are experts in saving your money on taxes and stands as supporting pillar in every point in accountancy of your enterprise. Our chartered accountants in Peterborough will help with your self-assessment and help in setting your objectives and goals. You can meet our accountants in Peterborough without any prior consultation, or you can contact them indirectly.

We keep you updated with all the current laws in taxes and changes in them through our newsletter. We keep posting the present trends happening in the business world. The posts in our blog are from the desks of well renowned chartered accountants and tax accountants. We promptly respond to your queries with complete transparency and mastery.

Major Accountancy Services at DNS

We help you to save money at every possible point with our experience and research. We make you feel the difference after experiencing our exceptional services. Here are the services which we can help with.

  1. Auto Enrolment
  2. Business Growth
  3. Company Formation
  4. Bank Account Opening
  5. Management Accounts service
  6. Payroll RTI
  7. Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote
  8. Registered Office
  9. Self Assessment Tax Return
  10. Tax Investigation Cover
  11. VAT Registration Cover
  12. VAT Registration and Returns Service
  13. Year-End Accounts Service
  14. Business Investment Relief
  15. IPSE Membership

Year-End Accounts Service

Are you running out of time to submit your year-end accounts? DNS Year-end Accounts service helps to become hassle free from the burden of deadlines. Apart from meeting the deadlines, we help you to focus on the areas of development for the future savings. Our service helps you to accurately determine the profits and properties of your business thereby reflecting the company’s objectives and goals. We provide you with a booklet that has detailed explanation of stages in the process of submitting your year-end accounts. We contact you before submitting the accounts and make you clear that the accounts are proper and honest. Chartered accountants at Peterborough provide you with a comparison between the previous year’s and current years’ accounts.

Our team of chartered accountants and tax accountants at Peterborough work with such a perfection that we will guarantee that you will never confront a punishment for late accommodation, incorrectness, or late installment. By chance, if you suffer any penalty, we will cut-off the penalty expenses from our bill. Don’t hesitate to call our accountants at Peterborough to avail our Year-end Accounts service.

IPSE Membership

IPSE (earlier PCG) is independent professionals’Federation in the European Union. They act as representatives for freelancers, contractors, and consultants from all sectors. DNS Accountants are affiliated to IPSE and are part of their campaigning body. Membership in IPSE benefits the freelancers and others. It provides compensations for reasons like aviolation in contracts and so on providing you with the updates and rules that will exert influence on your enterprises. It will offer its help in networking, recovery of debt, tax investigations and manage compliance checks from HMRC. It supplies you with the toolkit that consists of contracts of clients and templates. The membership in IPSE also helps in issues with government and industry.

Our Accountants in Peterborough recommend every freelancer, contractor and independent professional to become a member in IPSE to avail all the benefits of the membership. As we are affiliated to IPSE, we can help you to avail the discount to register for IPSE membership. For the details of the discount code, please contact our Peterborough accountants.

We extend our services to nearby places of Peterborough like Yaxley, Whittlesey, Stilton, Crowland, Cambridge, Northampton, Stamford. Our accountants in Peterborough help you organize your work in a very good constructive manner.

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