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Polish language is spoken mostly by people of Poland. It is an official language in Poland, and acknowledged as a minority language in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia. Additionally, there are large Polish-speaking communities in the UK, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Belarus, Canada, Lithuania, the US, Germany, and Russia along with many other countries. Learning Polish can help in easy grasping of other West-Slavonic languages such as Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian which are closely-related. It will also be an added advantage in learning any other Slavonic language: Bosnian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Russian, Croatian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Slovene, and Serbian. According to a recent study, Polish has become the most regularly spoken non-native foreign language in England and Wales. The figuresshow that almost 140,000 individuals living in England and Wales cannot converse in English

Polish Accountants in the UK

Polish Accountants UK

DNS Accountants is a budding chartered accountancy and taxation services firm based in the UK. Our offices are located around all the major cities of the UK. Our clients characteristically encompass small and medium sized (SMEs) businesses across a broad range of industry sectors. The clientele expands from start ups to well established businesses in the UK. We provide accountancy and taxation services for companies as well as trusts, partnerships, and private individuals. Mr. Sumit Agarwal, the Managing Partner of DNS Accountants is an extremely respected accountant and founded the company a decade ago. DNS Accountants works with clients to provide solutions on taxation and accounting matters to its owner managed client portfolio. The company provides advice on corporate and personal tax matters as well as Capital Gains Tax, value added tax (VAT), and National Insurance (NI) matters

The company welcomes enquiries from Polish speaking individuals seeking to establish their business in the UK. Establishment may either be a branch of the Polish Company or as a subordinate company of a well-established Polish company. If an individual is from West-Slavonic origin, we can help them establish their business in the UK. We are well-known with the requirements of Polish speaking business individuals and can help them set up business bank accounts, registration for value added tax (VAT), and limited companies. If a business is based in Poland, the business owners may be providing work opportunities to people in the UK and hence, they can be liable for pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) implications for the business in Poland. Some businesses may be employing Polish workers in the building construction industry and in such a scenario DNS Accountants can assist them with CIS services. If businesses need Polish speaking accountants or Polish Accountants based in the UK who are quick to respond to the requirements of the business, please contact us! There will, at all times, be a Polish accountant or Polish speaking accountant in the office who will be able to assist businesses and individuals with their needs

DNS Accountants offer the below mentioned services:

  • Book-keeping and accounting services
  • Preparation of value added tax (VAT) returns; individual tax returns; and corporate tax returns
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly or yearly management accounts
  • Taxation advice

Services for setting-up businesses in the UK

We can assist with setting-up of following type of businesses in the UK:

  • Limited Company - A Private Limited Company in Poland is a largely accepted format for small to medium (SMEs) sized businesses
  • Public Limited Company (plc)
  • Partnership firms
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs) - The Limited Liability Partnership is not used to a great deal in Poland and is a partnership among two individuals
  • Sole Trade businesses - This is usually when a business opts to trade as an individual

All the above mentioned businesses have an official prerequisite to keep full and inclusive books and records

Taxation in Poland

Polish Speaking Accountants for Tax Return in UK

There are two major types of taxes in Poland: corporate tax and personal income tax. Apart from these, there are other taxes for certain kinds of income such as Inheritance tax and Capital Gains Tax. For a corporate entity, the applicable rate of corporation tax is 19% of profits. Additionally, a corporate entity must file accounts once per year (within six months from the end of a financial year) with the Company Registration Court and the Tax Authorities

The sale of goods or services is subject to value added tax (VAT), if not exempt otherwise or outside the scope of VAT. Usually, most business activities are subject to VAT and the criterion rate of VAT is 23%. Since, VAT rules are multifaceted and businesses should have a discussion with their accounting and tax advisor such as DNS Accountants before a business starts

Personal Income Tax-A partner or sole trader will pay Personal Income Tax (usually 19%) on business profits

Capital Gains TaxCapital gains tax is applicable on any sale of assets and other fixed assets (although there are many exemptions). The rate of tax is 18% with Entrepreneurs relief potentially decreasing the effective rate of tax on qualifying gains to 10%

Inheritance Tax (IHT)–Inheritance tax comes into picture if an individual passes away. Non-residents in Poland are subject to Inheritance Tax IHT and Donations Tax on assets situated in Poland. The appropriate tax rate is dependent on the relationship between the departed soul/benefactor and the beneficiary. The tax rate is ranged between 7% and 20% of the inherited wealth post tax free allowances

DNS Accountants Polish Accounting Service

DNS Accountants offers book-keeping, accounting, and taxation services for clients across all business sectors. Our main services include:

We have a fully competent, knowledgeable team of Chartered Accountants, to help businesses with all accounting queries at the uppermost standards and in a tax efficient manner. We also support polish business activities and assist businesses with setting up business bank accounts, producing taxation returns and offer outstanding, original accounting and taxation clarification and recommendation. We can provide our services in the native language of the business.

The principal benefits businesses can enjoy by outsourcing their accounting to Polish Speaking DNS Accountants:

  • reduce the costs of accounting
  • take the burden off the business owners and help them focus on core business activities
  • protect the business against accounting errors
  • protect the business from any compliance issues with Companies House or HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • save the business time and resources to enjoy measureable remuneration
  • take advantage of our learned Polish accountants in the UK
  • preparing annual financial statements, together with consolidated financial statements
  • reporting as needed, (Polishor English language)
  • DNS Accountants have a well developed IT infrastructure and work with various cloud-based accounting applications

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About the author
Blog Author

Sumit Agarwal
Sumit Agarwal (ACMA ACA India), the Managing partner of dns accountants is a highly respected accountant with expertise in helping owner-managed businesses.

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About the author
Blog Author

Sumit Agarwal
Sumit Agarwal (ACMA ACA India), the Managing partner of dns accountants is a highly respected accountant with expertise in helping owner-managed businesses.


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