Introduction To Disabled Road Tax

A person who is disabled is entitled to get exemption on road tax called as Disabled road tax. In other words, Disabled person doesn’t have to pay vehicle tax but he needs to apply for vehicle tax exemption to get free from road tax. Before applying for vehicle tax exemption, the vehicle must be registered in disabled person’s name or their nominated driver’s name. Vehicle should only be used to fulfill the personal needs of disabled persons. Nominated driver cannot use vehicle for their personal use.

Guide on Disabled Road Tax in the UK

Who Can Apply For Disabled Road Tax For The First Time:

  1. A person with illness or disability having a registered car
  2. Someone who uses their vehicle only for the ill or disabled persons.

How To Apply For Diabled Road Tax For The First Time

The process is quite different from its renewal, if you are applying for free road tax for the very first time. You have to renew this tax every year.

New Vehicles

If you are applying for free road tax for the first time, you need to submit the certificate of entitlement -
  1. Disability living allowance (DLA)
  2. Armed forces independence payment (AFIP)
  3. Personal independence payment (PIP)
  4. War pensioners mobility supplement (WPMS)

You need to submit one of the certificates mentioned above to the dealership to claim free road tax. Vehicles having registration of Northern Ireland (NI) also need a valid insurance certificate from the day the tax starts.

Used Vehicles

If you are having a used vehicle and you are applying first time for free road tax, you need to change the class of vehicle tax at a post office branch near you dealing with vehicle tax.

You need to take the following documents with you –
  1. Vehicle registration certificate (V5C) or V5C/2 (new keeper’s details form) and a filled application for a vehicle registration certificate (V62). Vehicle registration certificate (V5C) has a 11 digit reference number issued after registering the vehicle whereas V5C/2 has a 12 digit reference number.
  2. Entitlement certificate to DCA, PIP, AFIP or WPMS. Kindly write the vehicle registration number in the top right hand corner.
  3. In case, vehicle is registered with Northern Ireland address, the owner of the vehicle needs certificate of insurance or a cover note (Only downloaded or faxed copies are acceptable) and it is valid from the day the tax starts.
  4. An original MOT or GUT Certificate.

How To Renew Disabled Road Tax?

If you are a disabled person and your tax class of the vehicle is shown as “disabled”, you can use reminder to get “Vehicle tax” or statutory off road notification (SORN) or V5C in the following ways –

  1. You can apply online at www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax. It is not applicable to AFIP customers.
  2. You can also apply renewal by calling on 0300 123 4321. This is also not applicable for AFIP customers.
  3. The other way of renewing your free road tax is by doing text phone on 0300 790 6201. It is only applicable for persons having speech or hearing difficulties.
  4. The last way to renew your road tax is by visiting post office near you dealing with road tax.

Blue Badge Scheme

This scheme is applicable to provide parking benefits for disabled persons with severe walking difficulties who travel as drivers or as passengers.

Using Vehicle In Disabled Tax Class

In case of disabled tax class, a disabled person or someone who only use their vehicle to help disabled persons are eligible for free road tax. For ex- To go shopping for disabled person or to get prescription.

If Exemption No Longer Applies

If the disabled person is no more entitled for free disabled road tax, you need to tax the vehicle in the appropriate class. This can be done at a post office dealing with road tax near your house with the following documents –

  1. V5C or V5C/2 & a V62
  2. The MOT or GVT certificate
  3. Applicable fees

When To Get A Replacement Certificate Of Entitlement To DLA, PIP Or AFIP

A replacement certificate is needed in two cases –
  1. If the registered keeper or their vehicle has been changed
  2. If the certificate has been lost, stolen or damaged.
You can get replacement certificate by the following ways –
  1. DLA (Disability living allowance) (GB Customers only)
    1. By calling on 0845 712 3456
    2. By Text phone on 0845 722 4433 (For Customers with speech or hearing difficulties)
  2. PIP (Personal independence system) (GB Customers only) & AFIP (Armed forces independent payment) (GB & NI Customers)
    1. By calling on 0345 850 3322
    2. By Text phone on 0345 601 6677 (For customers with speech or hearing difficulties)
  3. DLA (Disability living allowance) (If customer is registered with NI address)
    1. By calling on 0300 123 3356
    2. By Text phone on 028 9031 1092 (For customers with speech or hearing difficulties)
  4. PIP (Personal independence payment) (If customer is registered with NI address)
    1. By calling on 0300 123 9221
    2. By text phone on 0300 123 1008 (For customers with speech or hearing difficulties)

NOTE – If you will not apply for and receive a new entitlement certificate to DLA, PIP, AFIP or WPMS, whenever you change your vehicle, you will be unable to apply for free vehicle tax.

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Blog Author

Sumit Agarwal
Sumit Agarwal (ACMA ACA India), the Managing partner of dns accountants is a highly respected accountant with expertise in helping owner-managed businesses.

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About the author
Blog Author

Sumit Agarwal
Sumit Agarwal (ACMA ACA India), the Managing partner of dns accountants is a highly respected accountant with expertise in helping owner-managed businesses.


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