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Changing Date of Birth of Director

Change in the details of the director may be a simple task in almost all the cases but may not be so simple in the case of date of birth. There have been cases where director’s date of birth was incorrectly stated at the time of incorporation of the company. In the case of director of the limited company, there are many things which can be changed online such as name, official address, occupation, residential address etc. You can even change your nationality but when it comes to date of birth, it’s not easy to update it.

Changing Date of Birth of Director
In this article we cover:

Changing Director’s date of birth

A director’s date of birth can be changed in a limited company although it is not easy to update it online via Companies house website like other details but still it is possible for you to update it as per the specified procedure. This mistake is mostly done during the director’s appointment at the time of company’s incorporation or director’s appointment after the incorporation of the company.

Documents needed to be filed for changing director’s date of birth

In order to change director’s date of birth, you need to file the following documents with Companies house –

  1. Form RP02A and RP CH01

    - If the director’s date of birth was incorrectly stated during the incorporation of the company, you need to file form RP02A and RP CH01 with Companies house.
  2. Form RP02A and AP01

    - If the director was appointed after the incorporation of the company, you need to file RP02A and AP01 with Companies house.

Time taken to update director’s date of birth at Companies house

Updating of Director’s date of birth usually takes around 10 days at Companies house. The form should be send to the same address mentioned on the application forms. For ex – As per the changes done in the pattern of the date of birth on 10/10/2015, only the month and year appears on Companies house register. For ex – Suppose director’s date of birth is 15 November 1986. Then, it will be updated on Companies house register as November 1986.

If you are a part of Companies house proof scheme

In case you are a part of Companies house proof scheme, you also need to file form PR03 to Companies house. It can be available easily upon request to Companies house. You don’t need to file this form if you are not a part of this scheme.

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