When should you get more help with growing your business?

There's a vast difference between fast growth and sustainable long-term growth. Small and medium-sized businesses should consider finding the balance between both, which will help them identify how to grow the business.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses faced losses. It brought economic instability and affected the rate at which it is supposed to grow. Businesses must start identifying when is the potential time to grow.

When should you get more help with growing your business?

When should businesses focus on growing?

Small and medium-sized businesses must have a strategic approach toward growth, and they can only grow in the long run. Not only will it help you get government support, but it will also help in leveraging opportunities that will allow business growth.

1. Startup funding

When you decide to grow your business, you will need some funding. However, sometimes, it can be hard to determine how to reach growth. The best and the easiest way to apply for startup funding is from a traditional bank.

When you own a limited company, you can build your credit by investing in the business. Apart from that, there are various government-aided startup loans as well. You can also opt for local authority funding or crowdfunding.

The government has introduced the New Enterprise Allowance scheme for people with good business ideas. Applying for this can play an essential role in keeping up with the wonders. However, it will also help you get the mentor and weekly allowance.

Even when you feel that you're doing good in business, there is no harm in reaching out to experts. They can help you understand how you can bring growth to the business. As a growing business, you must consider reaching out to a quality business advisor and accountant who can contribute to bringing growth to the business.

2. Working off-payroll

Working off-payroll means you will be paid directly by the company or agency, and you will not be paid any extra amount, but only for the work, you do. The government has complex rules that businesses must follow, especially IR35.

When starting your company, you need to know what you are doing. The rules for IR35 will apply to all businesses. You can disguise your role as an employee of the company, which will help you lower the tax amount.

It is crucial to pay the necessary taxes on time. The HMRC has a robust set of rules. If you do not follow these, you will be prone to penalties. You should reach out to professionals. Your accountant can help you make the right decisions.

Working with an accountant will help you analyse your IR35. If the HMRC is doing any investigation, you need to stay compliant with the law. The accountant will help you use an IR35 calculator, which will help you analyse the legislation laws. As a result, if you are not complying with any of it, the accountant will help you manage the basics.

3. Change the legal structure of the business

One of the key ways to grow your business is to change the legal structure of your business. If you have been running the business as a limited company, changing the structure may help bring growth.

Changing your business to a limited company can help you expand the business in no time. This will also be one of the best ways to reduce income tax. Changing the structure to a limited company will play an essential role in getting the capital for your business. You can also reduce the investments if any new shareholder becomes a part of the company.

If you plan to expand your business long-term, you should opt for changing the structure. Moreover, company assets and liabilities can be a significant benefit that you can get. When your business is in a financial crisis, you can opt for personal assets. Furthermore, you will not need to pay for any debts.

Nonetheless, taxes and accounts management can be slightly tricky. Regarding bookkeeping, you must consider reaching out to an accountant.

Things to consider while growing your business

Once you decide to grow your business, you must also identify the necessary steps for bringing the growth. A strategic approach towards it can eventually help you make the right choice.

Some of the common things to consider while determining the growth of your business include the following:

1. Money

If you want sustainable growth for the long term, you must make the right investment decision. However, determining when is the right time can be a tough choice. The business's cash flow is one of the most important factors. You can change the financial strategy when your business has limited cash flow and make sure to adopt a stable approach to determine growth.

Money and growth can be complex relations. However, if you want to grow your business, you need to ensure that you change the demographic. Make sure that you move towards adapting newer technologies and determine the innovation and growth of the business.

2. Management

Management is one of the most important factors to consider when determining growth. If you're planning to scale your business, you need strong management. It would help if you also embraced the new opportunities that will come your way.

Small businesses must adopt a tactical approach. Considering the competitive market, you can target SMEs and stay behind the competitors. However, retaining employees can be one great way to grow your business.

3. Technology

Implementing the right technology can play an essential role in increasing the business's productivity. It can help small and medium-sized businesses to expand their opportunities, and you can also make the right decisions.

Fintech is one of the prime examples of industries that will grow. With financial uncertainty over the business, the right technology can help determine growth, especially for long-term sustainability. Even during the most challenging times, it can bring growth.


Growth does not always equate itself to money, and there are a lot of essential factors to consider when you're growing. By embracing the right technology, small and medium-sized businesses can achieve sustainable growth. Make sure to work with professional accountants who can help you make the right choice regarding growing your business.

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