What documents do you require to form a company?

Have you decided to start your company in the UK? You need to follow a proper schedule. Choosing the right structure for starting a business can bring a wide range of benefits.

Companies House is the authority responsible for helping you start the business, and they are the registrar of companies. You cannot start a UK business without Companies House's approval.

What documents do you require to form a company?

Should you go to Companies House or Formation Agent?

Companies House will help you with the business. Company formations will direct you to Companies House. There is no damage. You will need to start your company, and things will work out.

If you’re planning to start your company with the help of company formation agents, you will need to pay slightly more. The company formation agents will offer you all the benefits that Companies House offers and additional taxes.

The company formation agent will help you with services such as address protection. In case of address protection, the agents will let you use their address as the registered office address. They will also help you use addresses registered in the public domain. Besides, the company formation agent will help you open the bank account and contribute to accounting advice. They can help you with numerous obligations.

However, you must do business with Companies House if you need complete legal protection. They are professionals in the field and can assist you in the long run.

What documents do you need to submit for company formation?

Company formation documents are crucial for businesses and are important for forming limited or private companies. You should protect all the documents, and these documents contain information regarding your office address and more.

Given below are all the documents that you will need for company formation in the UK:

Certificate of Incorporation

When you incorporate a company, it will become a different legal identity. It will no longer be associated with the members, including the guarantors or the shareholders. Therefore, the company details will be registered in the public register of the company, and it will be available online and with that of Companies House.

You will get the Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies House after you submit these details. They will highlight the basic information on the company. The details on the Certificate of Incorporation include -

  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registered Name

The certificate of incorporation is a guide that will prove your business exists. It is important to have as per the Companies Act 2006. You will need to get your Certificate of Incorporation under various circumstances. You must provide a copy of these documents when applying for business loans, business bank accounts, or trading account setup.

Memorandum of Association

Companies House creates the Memorandum of Association which is extremely necessary for business registration. Once the incorporation process is complete, the Memorandum of Association will record the historical documents that hold the details about the first members or subscribers of the company. This document will play an essential role in maintaining the company's record.

A Memorandum of Association will confirm that the subscriber agrees to form the company under the Companies Act 2006. All the members will need to take up at least one share of the company if the company is a limited shares company. The members may also become members by guaranteeing a nominal sum of the company is limited by a guarantee structure.

Articles of Association

The companies follow the articles of association structure which is a critical aspect of the constitutional rule book. It determines how a company should function. The articles must be submitted to the Companies House. After that, all documents will be stored at the SAIL address or the company's registered address.

Furthermore, the company must follow the model's structure as prescribed in the Companies Act 2006. However, businesses may consider amending the business structure per the demands. As the owner, you will also be flexible in creating a new set of articles. If you are working with a company formation agent to set up the company, the chances are that you may use the model article.

The agent will help you customise the articles and update the application. However, ensure that you follow the regulations for setting up the company.

Where will you get the company formation documents?

If you are registering the company with a company formation agent, you must submit a copy of the memorandum, certificate of incorporation, and articles of association. You can get the documents in digital format. Apart from that, you can also get a hard copy of the documents via mail. However, it will also depend on the company formation package you bought.

If you have registered the document with Companies House, you will receive an email that contains a digital copy of the documents. However, you will receive the documents only when the company registration process is complete.

Where can you store the company formation document?

You should store the company documents safely. Many companies have a loose-leaf folder in their single alternative inspection location address. You should follow the documents.

All the documents you store in the folder should be available for public inspection. Furthermore, you can also save the company register documents, People with Significant Control, or register of directors. The public can also check the documents from Companies House Service.


Sometimes you may lose the company formation documents. Therefore, you can get your documents back only if you have signed as the Quality Company Formations customer. You can check their online portal and download the PDF version of the documents. This facility is available for free. You can also replace the documents digitally by paying a certain fee. Check the filing history to access the documents as per the Companies House Service.

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