Small businesses fund expansion

Many businesses often need help deciding whether or not they should expand. Well, after a specific time, you can't stay stagnant, and it becomes crucial to growing as it can play an essential role in the long run. Expanding your business provides better market share and builds a strong customer base.

Business expansion can also pave the way for operational improvements and cost savings. Small businesses often need help getting the right funds, and expanding their business is challenging. Well, good planning and research can play a good role in bringing the best to the table.


What is business expansion?

Business expansion just does not involve expanding the business but also takes into consideration a lot of other factors. Therefore, business expansion is when a business reaches its growth point and looks for different ways to generate growth and profit. Most successful businesses and startups initially face the challenge of expansion or development because of a lack of funds.

As a business owner, you must understand how you want the business to grow. This paves the way for increasing the chances of succeeding and expanding. Therefore, the owner must also know the key factors driving profits within the organisation.

What is business expansion

How can small businesses fund business expansion?

Business expansion requires not only resources but also the proper budget. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure proper funding so you can strategise the growth accordingly.

Some of the key ways through which small businesses can fund their expansion include the following:

Apply for a business grant

Apply for a business grant

Business grants by the UK government can support your business expansion goals. The business grant refers to the financial award the government or government-backed agencies give the company. These grants aim at promoting and strengthening the UK economy.

Business grants can be used for various purposes, such as research and development, hiring new resources, workforce training, etc. Certain business grants are targeted to specific business activities or industries. Therefore, you can look for one similar to your business goals and apply for it.

The grants usually help in short-term growth rather than long-term ones. Hence, they can act as an additional support strategy to bring growth into your business. Grants can be an excellent resource to start in the initial stages.

Increase customer base

Customer base increment can eventually help in getting sufficient funds for business growth. Whether you expand the business within the community or internationally, you will likely get new customers. This will play an essential role in understanding the exact requirements.

When you get a huge customer base, your sales will increase. Increased sales indirectly refer to increased revenue for the company. Therefore, you can use this revenue to fund the specific requirements of your business.

Customer base increment and funding expansion go hand-in-hand. When you expand the customer base, the revenue increases, which paves the way for self-funding for businesses. On the other hand, when expansion happens, you get to acquire clients from other parts of the world too.

Take a bank loan

Bank loans have always been one of the most popular options for funding small businesses. Most startups and small businesses are looking for bank loans to fund their businesses. While you may have taken these loans while establishing your business, they can also be useful when hiring new staff or setting up new instruments.

There are different types of bank loans. If you have established a good relationship with the bank, you can consult them before you apply for a loan there. Understand the terms and conditions and understand the mortgage scheme. This will give you a better idea of the repayment scheme.

It is important to note that your business must meet specific criteria to qualify for the business loan. Doing thorough research about bank loans in the initial stages is useful. It will help you understand whether or not you can secure funding in the initial stages.

Explore debt financing

This may be your opportunity if you still need to consider debt financing. Debt financing involves borrowing money from the lender, paid with good interest rates over time.

Debt financing can be beneficial for businesses as the owners get complete ownership of their business. It will also help with tax deductions. The interest that you pay on debt financing can help you understand the criteria and eventually work on lowering the tax burden.

If you opt for debt financing, you must be very regular with your payments. At the same time, you must focus on paying the amount of time to avoid any unnecessary penalties and charges.

Before opting for this measure, always try to understand whether or not this measure brings profit to your business.

Angel investors

If you're looking for a huge sum for your business in the initial stages, angel investors can be quite useful. The angel investor refers to the high-net-worth individual who invests their money in businesses they think have the potential to grow.

An angel investor can help your small business in numerous ways. They can fund your business with money, but also bring the wealth of experience that most businesses need in the early stages. Angel investors usually have a network of industry contacts that can help connect with the prospective customers, fueling business growth.

Many angel investors may ask for a certain equity in your business in exchange for the investment. It could impact the decision-making process. Reaching out to angel investors can be useful but time-consuming.

Explore debt financing


There are different ways for small businesses can get funding for expansion. Which one they choose depends on the type of business you will be doing. Try to equate the pros and cons of each type of funding so that you can make the right decision. Consult with other stakeholders in your business regarding options before taking a concrete or solid decision.

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