• DNS Associates provide specialist accounting services for Small businesses, whether you are a New Start up or an Established business, across a wide range of business sectors:

    Some of the most popular categories of small business we serve are:





    Recruitment Agencies


    Health Professionals

    Software Development


    Beauty Saloon

    Retail and Many More

    Starting a new business is a massive undertaking: did you know that for every new business that starts up this year it is likely that only 43% will still be going in a year’s time and only 20% in five years time.

    As well as some of our core services that are especially applicable to business start-ups we can help with:

    Business Structure

    Should you operate as a sole trader or a limited company? We will talk you through the options to find which is best for your business.

    Notifying the Authorities

    You need to let HMRC know within three months of commencing self-employment that you are in business. Failure to do so results in automatic fines. We will do all the forms for you, set up national insurance payments and, if necessary, complete the VAT Registration forms for you.


    We can introduce you to local banks, solicitors and other professionals.

    DNS understand what it takes to manage a successful small business and that’s why we offer an accountancy service that works in active partnership with you and your business. If you’re looking for an accountant to simply do your annual accounts, then DNS is probably the right accountant for you.

    Change your accountant: it’s an easy process

    Complete the Contact Us form on the right

    Inform your current accountant of your intention to change accountant

    DNS will write to your accountant requesting clearance and information

    DNS will send you a contract and all the necessary set-up paperwork

    You send to DNS signed set-up and contract paperwork along with proof of your ID and address

    DNS complete the set-up and sort out any queries at this stage

    As you can see, it’s really quite easy to change accountant.


    Depending on your requirements DNS offer as much or as little input as you need. Rest assured that whichever package you choose, the DNS guarantee states that we want you to be 100% satisfied. Below are three major reasons why DNS is the accountant you should choose:

    Expert help with finance and drawing up a business plan.

    Timely tax planning so that you never miss out on an opportunity to maximise your profits and minimise your tax liability.

    Weekend meetings if required and extended business hours Monday to Friday.

    DNS will send you a contract and all the necessary set-up paperwork

    Friendly staff and a dedicated account manager to help you build your business.

    The complete DNS 15-minute solution will shortly be available for small businesses. Our online accounting portal offers a revolutionary hassle-free, convenient monthly process that guarantees control of your business.

    Set Up Process

    Step 1– To register as sole trader with HMRC and set up sole trader services with DNS, please contact us. If you’re already registered as a sole trader, or already run a limited company and presently use another accountant but would like to move to DNS, please contact us.
    Step 2– The DNS team will register your sole trader business with HMRC, open a business bank account on your behalf, and complete PAYE and VAT registration for you, if that’s what you require. If you’re already running a business and have an accountant but would like to move to DNS, we guarantee a smooth transfer from your current accountant to DNS.
    Step 3 – The unique DNS online accounting portal for small businesses will go live soon. You will be able to input your sales and receipts; raise invoices, and claim expenses, all of which will not take you more than 15 minutes a month.

    Monthly Process

    You enter your invoices and expenses onto the DNS online portal, it takes no more than 15 minutes a month and the DNS portal help team is always on hand to support you.

    Each month you send your bank statements to DNS.

    DNS will calculate your monthly profit and loss and complete your monthly accounts.

    DNS will email you your monthly accounts detailing wages you can take and what your expenses and profits are..

    You will enjoy peace of mind because DNS will let you know when PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax are due.

    DNS give a 100% guarantee that you will never incur a penalty due to a late tax payment, but you must guarantee that you will provide us with the information we ask for, and always respond to our emails and voice mails.

    If you already have an accountant are you fully satisfied with the services you’re receiving and, if not, why not? Your accountant is the linchpin of your business success and you should be 100% satisfied with the service you receive. It’s a very simple process to change your accountant to DNS as we do all the administration for you.

    Take a look at the services DNS provide:

    Quick response to your queries

    The best in tax-planning solutions.

    A guarantee that you will never be penalised for late filing of statutory paperwork

    Dedicated Portfolio Manager

    Weekend and late evening meetings if required

    Regular updates and newsletters

    Value added services such as pension and mortgage advice

    Are you receiving anything less than the service list detailed above? If the answer is yes, change accountant today by contacting DNS.

    Some common expenses are:

    Company formation

    Accountancy fees

    Business travel and accommodation

    Postage for business

    Stationery for business

    Business telephone calls

    Mobile telephone and calls


    Employer’s NI contributions

    Contributions to an executive pension plan

    Business entertainment

    Equipment purchased for business purposes

    Motoring expenses using fixed rate allowances

    Computer software

    Technical books and journals

    Certain professional subscriptions

    Use of home as office

    Company bank charges and interest

    We can assure you that converting from a sole trader to a limited company is not as complex as many accountants may have you believe, and that by doing so you may benefit from significant tax-saving opportunities using “goodwill”. For example: your business is making a profit of £100K and, therefore, the goodwill is around £500K. When you convert to a limited company you’ll pay £50K tax, BUT are you aware that you can save potentially 200K tax on amortisation? For more detail about this contact DNS and we’ll be happy to discuss this excellent opportunity further with you. Please be aware that this solution needs to be implemented meticulously, or else it may not be available..

    Once you have decided to convert from a sole trader to a limited company and signed up with DNS, all you then need to do is contact your dedicated portfolio manager who will explain the process to you in detail.

    If you’re not a DNS customer but would still like to convert from a sole trader to a limited company using the DNS Company Formation service, we can still help you do that very smoothly.

    Definitely a limited company, and the main reasons we say this is that there are the following advantages: more opportunities for tax planning; it’s easier to attract finance; your company has more of an edge with the word “Limited” attached to it, and importantly in this complex commercial world, a limited company gives you added protection should something go wrong.


    Quick response to your queries


    Open a Bank Account. DNS will do this for you with HSBC where you will get two years’ free banking


    Contract and paperwork set-up by DNS.


    DNS completes HMRC set-up, including PAYE, NIC, VAT and Corporation Tax Registration


    Employer’s Liability Insurance / Professional Indemnity Insurance to be sorted out by you.


    DNS unique online accounting portal for small businesses, coming soon.


    DNS sends you monthly payslips.


    DNS contacts you about Quarterly VAT Returns.


    DNS contacts you about your Year End Accounts, Annual Return and Corporation Tax Return.


    DNS to complete Self Assessment Tax Return and other compliance work on an on-going basis.

    DNS are dedicated to providing accountancy services that meet the needs of freelancers, contractors and small business owners.

    While DNS experts will do your books and file your Annual and Year End Accounts as a matter of course, we want the opportunity to excel at what we do best: guide you with our expertise in all aspects of running your business and your personal finances. To make the right decisions, it is essential that you have the right advice at your fingertips when you need it. Here is a breakdown of the services we offer..

    Application for Dispensation

    Application for Child-care vouchers

    Application for Child Tax Credits

    Application for Working Tax Credits


    Company Formation

    Company Secretarial

    Insurance cover

    Management Accounts



    Pension Service

    Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Registered Office

    Self Assessment Tax Return

    Tax Investigation Insurance

    Tax Planning

    Tax Refund

    VAT Registration

    VAT Return

    Wealth Management Review

    Will Service

    Year-End Accounts

    For a small business with a turnover of less than £125K that employs less than five people, DNS have tailor-made accountancy packages at very competitive prices. Our accountancy packages have been designed over many years and are engineered to meet the basic requirements of small businesses.

    If your business turnover exceeds £125K, DNS provide no specific packages, but instead we offer you a free no-obligation meeting to determine your requirements. By understanding your business in greater detail, we will provide you with the necessary support to build on your success; sound financial advice, management accounts, tax planning and wealth management would all feature in your future strategies..

    If your profits are greater than 125K, then we will provide you with a quote by return if you fill in this form on the right to contact us.

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