National Concessionary Fuel Scheme – How to Claim?

Citizens, in the United Kingdom, are eligible to receive cash allowance for fuel or get free solid fuel if he/she was an ex-employee of the British Coal Corporation (BCC) or National Coal Board (NCB). There is a certain eligibility criteria for an individual to meet the requirements before getting a fuel grant through the National Concessionary Fuel Scheme (NCFS), and he/she can only be eligible to receive cash allowance if the individual has been previously receiving fuel through the arrangement. Additionally, an individual might be entitled for the grant if the person is a widower or widow of an ex-employee, who previously qualified for NCFS.

National Concessionary Fuel Scheme – How to Claim?

If an individual qualifies for the allowance, he/she will be delivered solid fuel every 4 or 5 weeks – the time period may vary depending on where an individual stays. An individual can alter to a cash allowance if he/she previously received fuel through the arrangement and the individual’s situation has not changed. If an individual opts for cash allowance, the amount is paid into the building society or bank account after every 3 months. Also, an individual will be required to send a Certificate of Continued Entitlement every year to continue the allowance.

Eligibility criteria for NCFS

A United Kingdom citizen will be required to get in touch with the National Concessionary Fuel Office (NCFO) to verify if he/she is entitled for NCFS – an individual is entitled, by default, if he/she is an ex-employee of the British Coal Corporation (BCC) or National Coal Board (NCB). To be in touch with NCFO, the below mentioned details can be used:

  • Contact: NCFO Helpline
  • E-mail address: ncfo@capita.co.uk
  • Phone number: 0370 386 9961 or 0345 759 0529
  • Time period to contact: An individual can contact NCFO helpline from Monday to Friday during 9am to 4pm

Change of conditions for NCFS

An individual might get impacted if the circumstances change, including:

  • Who rents or owns the property alterations
  • An individual changes the heating arrangements
  • He/she get married again, or start staying with a partner (widower, widow and dependent relative only)
  • An individual decides to take up a job or self-employment

An individual is required to notify the NCFO of any alterations in situations as the allowance changes. In case the allowance amount is reduced, any overpayment made to an individual must be reimbursed in full

How to claim NCFS

In order to claim under the National Concessionary Fuel Scheme, an individual can contact National Concessionary Fuel Office to apply for the claim at the below mentioned address:

  • National Concessionary Fuel Office
  • PO Box 64
  • Sheffield
  • S1 1XL

However, if an individual is filing an application on behalf of someone else, he/she must abide by the below mentioned instructions:

  • An individual will be required get receive permission by having one of the following:
  • If payment is made into a different building society or bank account rather than into the account of the person receiving the allowance, then following are needed:
    • A duplicate copy of Power of Attorney
    • A letter from DWP declaring that an individual is managing the financial affairs
    • A form from the NFCO signed by the actual person

Amending the solid fuel delivery

If an individual wants to amend the fuel delivery date or the quantity of fuel to be delivered, he/she can get in touch with CPL Distribution on 0345 521 5214. Also, an individual can get in touch with NCFO to modify the category of fuel. An individual can get only 1 category of fuel delivered at a time. An individual can seek guidance about the categories of fuel to use from the Solid Fuel Association. The Solid Fuel Association is an authorised organisation which represents the solid fuel trade in the United Kingdom. The Association is funded by the solid fuel manufacturers (such as wood fuel), appliance manufacturers, fuel distributors, and retailers. The prime aim of the association is to encourage and spread awareness of solid fuel heating benefits amongst the over-all community and to buoy up both, best installation practice and safety in use, for the local solid fuel and wood burning segment. It must be noted that an individual cannot give away or sell unconsumed fuel. If an individual amends the category of solid fuel utilisation, he/she must reject supplies and left over fuel must be taken back by the distributor.

Also, if an individual decides to switch from fuel to cash allowance, he/she must get in touch with NCFO along with building society or bank account details to shift from fuel to cash. It must be noted that to switch back to solid fuel will only be possible after 12 months.

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