How to Change the Companies House Web Authentication Code?

What is WebFiling Authentication Code?

A WebFiling Authentication Code is a 6 digit alphanumeric number or code which is allocated to the companies once they are registered with the Companies House.

It is issued by the Companies House and enables you to do all kind of online updates to your company like if you are appointing a new director, you can update about the same online using the WebFiling Authentication Code.

Apart from updating the information online, you will be able to do the following with the WebFiling Authentication Code:

  • File your company’s confirmation statement or annual return;
  • File your company’s annual accounts;
  • File any change which you do in your company like secretary change or any other change you need to update the Companies House with.

In case you have formed your company directly with the Companies House, your WebFiling Authentication Code will be sent to you directly at the registered address of your office.

However, this is not an automatic or obvious process and you need to request for your authentication code once your company is incorporated with the same. You can do so by following the below listed process:

  • In case you are already registered, you can directly log in on the Companies House website else you have to register for the Companies House WebFiling.
  • Click on the “Request an authentication code” link.
  • In this section you have to choose where your company was formed and enter the company number against it. Once you have entered the company number, click on Continue.
  • Click on “Request Code”.
Sign in to a company

After you have completed above mentioned steps, your authentication code will be mailed to your company’s registered address.

Once you have the WebFiling authentication code with you, you need to handle it with care and not share it with anyone and everyone because authentication code of your company is equivalent of a Director’s signature and thus it should be shared with utmost care.

Companies House will post the authentication code at your registered office address. However in case you have changed your address, you need to update the same with the Companies House well in advance, ideally before your authentication code is dispatched.

Because in case of a wrong address, the mail sent by the Companies House will be returned to them and if it happens 2/3 times, your authentication code will be changed.

It is best to explain the situation to the Companies House well before they take any action and you can do the same by sending your email on

How to Change the Web Authentication Code?

In case you wish to change the web authentication code sent by the Companies House, you can do so by following below mentioned steps:

  1. In case you are already registered, you can directly log in on the Companies House website else you have to register for the Companies House WebFiling.
  2. Enter your company number and the existing authentication code.
  3. Select ‘Company Authentication’.
  4. Re-enter the new code as per your wish. However, you need to ensure that the new code is of 6 digits and is alpha-numeric in nature.
  5. Select ‘Change Code’.
Change Companies House Webfiling Authentication Code

Above mentioned steps can be used when you wish to change your authentication code by yourself, however, it can also be changed without your permission under below mentioned circumstances:

  • If you have entered the incorrect code thrice on WebFiling; and
  • If the mail sent by the Companies House is returned to them continuously.

And in the above case, you need to request the Companies House to resend your authentication code to you. The steps to do so are as below:

  • Login on the WebFiling section on the Companies House website.
  • Select ‘Request Authentication Code’.
  • Choose the country where you have registered your company and enter your company number. Click on ‘Continue’.
  • Select ‘Request Code’.

However, in case you have formed your company online via a company formation agent, it becomes easy for you to retrieve your lost authentication code and you need not request to the Companies House to resend the same to you.

In case of a company formation agent, you need to login into your customer section on their website and there you can see all the details of your company along with your company’s authentication code.

You can reach out to your formation agent directly and request for your authentication code. However, in case your WebFiling authentication code is expired or have been changed directly by the Companies House, you need to login or register yourself on the WebFiling Section of the Companies House website and request for a replacement code as mentioned above.

Looking After Your Authentication Code

Once you have your authentication code with you, you must take care of the same because the code is equivalent of a Director’s signature.

Anyone who gets the access to your code can change any detail of your company online in the registers of the Companies House. Apart from keeping it safe, you must choose your authentication code with care so that it cannot be easily guessed.

You can look after your authentication code in following manners:

  • Since the authentication code is alphanumeric in nature, you can mix letters and numbers. The probability of guessing the code becomes less likely with this combination.
  • Do not share the code with anyone and everyone you know. Share it only those whom you can trust to file information for your company in the Companies your company in the Companies House register.
  • If you feel that your authentication code has been compromised, change the same on war footing.
  • Change your code in case the person whom you have entrusted with the code is no longer with your company or is no longer authorized to file information for your company.
  • Never share your code over the phone if someone asks you the same and claims to be from the Companies House.

Companies House never make a telephonic enquiry on the same and in case you get a call like this, it is advisable to report the Companies House.

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