Reach out to HMRC Cumbernauld for Tax Enquiries

To pay the PAYE of employers’ -

From the account of your bank, you can transfer the amount by Bacs, CHAPS, and faster payments.

Sort code Name of Account number of account instruction of CHAPS
08 32 10 HMRC Cumbernauld 12001039 form CHAPS

If your bank account is in a different country then,

Number of account Name of account Code of bank identifier
GB62BARC20114770297690 HMRC Cumbernauld BARCGB22

Number of reference

You require to deploy your thirteen-character reference number of office accounts as the reference for the payment. You can search payment reference on:

That letter which is send to you by the HMRC, when you registered yourself first as company.

The payment booklet front or the HMRC letter replaced by it.

If you deploy the incorrect number of reference, then your payment is late.

How much time it takes

HMRC Cumbernauld

Payments done via quick payments (telephone banking or online) will accepted by HMRC on the next or the same day.

The payments of CHAP will send to the HMRC on the similar working day if you made payment within the time of the processing of your bank. The payments made by Bacs will reached in three days. Before the payment, you need to inspect the time of processing and the limits of transactions of your bank.

You require to append additional numbers to your number of reference if you can pay between 1 to 5th of the month of the tax of due payment. You have to find that number which you require to deploy.

Various schemes of PAYE

You require to send an online form of enquiry of CHAPS if you wish to generate a single payment through CHAPS for various schemes of the PAYE.

The address of banking of the HMRC is:

Barclays Bank PLC

Barclays Bank PLC

1 Churchill Place, London

United Kingdom, E14 5HP

PAYE employer and insurance national payments online

You need to apply for making the composite or multiple payments of the CHAP with the office of the Cumbernauld. If HMRC requires to get in touch with you regarding some confidential thing, then they will respond by post or the phone.

You can contact the HMRC for simple advice regarding:

Ordering the booklets of the payslips.

Pay the PAYE of the employers.

On this line, payment is not accepted by the HMRC.

When you make a call, then you require the reference of your office of accounts.

Telephone:0300 200 3401

If calling from a place outside the UK then dial the phone number:+44 15 0647 6066

Time of opening:

Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm and Saturday: 8am to 4pm

If you pay by using credit card of corporate, then you need to pay fee also. It is non-refundable.

You are not able to pay by using your personal credit card. If you are not able to pay the bill of PAYE of your employer, then you require to use a different method of payment such as bank transfer.

You require to deploy the thirteen-character reference number of accounts office as the reference for the payment. You can look this on that letter which is send to you by the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) when you registered initially as employer.

After three working days your payment is send to the bank account of the HMRC.

Late or early payments

You need to ensure that you input the right month and year for the payment in the given distinct boxes.

Pay for prior year of tax

Choose the prior year of tax and 12th month for the last year of the tax. If you not perform this step, then your payment is utilized for the present year of tax.

You need to pay the bill of PAYE to HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) till:

The 22nd date of the following month of the tax.

The 22nd date after the quarter end.

If you made the payment by using the cheque via the post, then the last date of payment is the month’s 19th day.

Your bill of PAYE must include:

Deductions of CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

Deductions of CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

Your payments levied on the apprenticeship beginning from April 2017, if employers or your connected to has every year bill of pay is in excess of £3 million.You need to pay the bill of National insurance of class 1A distinctly. The agreements of the settlement of PAYE are paid distinctly.

You need to ensure that within the deadline, your payments reach the HMRC. If you are late in making the payment, then you require to pay the penalties and the interest. The time you require to permit is depending on the method of payment used by you.

Now you do not need to pay at the post office next or same day. You can now use telephone banking for quick payments or also use the online method of the payment. For CHAPS, the payment need to made within three working days, via corporate credit or debit card online.

For Bacs, the payment is need to made at building society or bank via cheque or the cash. You can also use direct debit method of payment. Or via the post, made the payment by cheque. If the deadline of the payment falls during a bank holiday or the weekend, then ensure that your payment is send to the HMRC on the last day of working.

Booklets of payment

You require a booklet of payment from HM Revenue and Customs to pay at the society of your building or the bank, or by the method of post. If you do not own a booklet of payment, then you can call HMRC to send one booklet of payment to you.

If you are not using the booklet of payment, then you need to contact HMRC regarding stopping the booklets of payment. The sending of booklets of the payment is automatically stopped by the HMRC, if in a year, you made more than two payments electronically.

At your society of building or the bank

The payment need to made by cheque in favor of “HM Revenue and Customs” along with your thirteen-character number of reference of accounts office. You can search this number on the HMRC letter which is send to you during registration in the beginning.

You require to pay by deploying the payslip for the right period. You can call HMRC to get the booklet of the payment, if you don’t own this. You require to permit three days to reach your payment to the bank account of the HMRC.

To make the payment, you need to direct debit setup via your online account of the business of HMRC (HM Revenue and Custom’s).

Number of Reference

You will require your thirteen-character number of reference of the accounts office for making the payment. You need to wait for the five days for direct debit processing. If you are deploying the similar bank details, then the time taken is three days. This payment will display on the statement of bank as “HMRC NDDS”.

Late or early payments

You need to ensure that you input the right month and year for the payment in the given separate boxes. Via the post, you need to give a cheque to the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs).

The address is: HMRC Direct,


You don’t require to include a PO box, name of the city, and name of the street along with the address given above.

If you own an envelope of reply displaying a distinct address then to post your cheque you can also use that envelope. To pass your payment to HM Revenue and Customs, you require to wait for the three days.

You need to send your cheque to “HM Revenue and Customs” preceding by your thirteen-character number of reference of office accounts. If you do not use the correct number of reference, then there is some delay in the processing of your payment.

For the right period, you also need to add the payslip. If you don’t own a payslip, then you can tell HMRC to give you a booklet of payment. Or you can also print a replacement slip of the payment.

To make the payment by post, you need to deploy a replacement payslip. At a bank, you are not allowed to use this slip. Do not together fasten the cheque or the payslip. Also, do not fold the cheque or the payslip. you need to tell HM Revenue and Customs for the receipt and include with your payment the letter.

You also require to confirm that your payment is accepted. You require to examine your online account of the HMRC. Within six days, this account need to be upgrade after making the payment.

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