VAT Payment Deadline

VAT payment deadline means the last date of paying VAT returns to HMRC. The due date of submission of your VAT return is generally 1 month & 7 days after the completion of VAT period. For example – If your VAT accounting period is ending on 31st December 2018, then your VAT returns needs to be submitted along with payment by 7th February 2018.It is only applicable in case you are paying your VAT monthly or quarterly. In case you are using the VAT annual accounting scheme, your VAT deadline will be different.

Calculation Of VAT Payment Deadline

Before calculating the VAT payment deadline, make sure that you have the information that when your VAT accounting period is going to end. If you know the last month and the relevant year of your VAT accounting period as well as having the correct information about the means of payment (how you are paying your VAT return), you can easily calculate the correct due date of your VAT payment return with the help of VAT payment deadline calculator.

There are different methods of payment used by peoples to pay VAT returns such as online, telephone banking and CHAPS for faster payments (Payment process within a day or next day) and other payment options include direct debit, BACS, standing order, use of debit card or credit card online or directly in the bank (takes up to 3 days in processing your payment)

VAT payment deadline calculator

Direct Debit

Online or telephone banking (Faster Payments)

Online debit or credit card (BillPay)

Bacs direct credit

Bank Giro



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Note – Use your VAT registration number as payment reference.

If you are not sure about your VAT return and payment deadline, Use the VAT payment deadline calculator below to find out when your payment needs to be made