Return: Ltd Company Vs Umbrella Company

Rate* DNS Ltd Company Avg Contractor Returns % Umbrella Avg Contractor Returns %
£25 per hour 83-85 65-68
£30 per hour 82-83 64-66
£25 per hour 83-85 65-68
£300 per day 79-80 63-65
£400 per day 74-75 62-64
£500 per day 71-72 61-63
£750 per day 67-70 60-62

Looking at the table above, it is clear that working through an umbrella company does not deliver the best returns. DNS advise contractors to work through an umbrella company only if they intend to be contracting for less than three months and if, when that contract comes to an end, they have no intention of continuing as a contractor. Yes, in those circumstances it may be acceptable to use an umbrella company, but otherwise the umbrella solution is akin to throwing away your hard-earned cash.

Why a limited company over an umbrella company?

How does the DNS limited company solution work?

How does a Limited Company Work? A step-by-step guide

It should be clear to you by now that the DNS limited company solution offers a hassle-free choice that will not involve you taking on any more administrative work than you do already working through an umbrella company. The limited company solution will not involve you sending receipts to us either weekly or monthly and, therefore, saves you extra work and time. It is of course fully compliant, so you need not worry about the any of the legalities of this solution.

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