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Ready made companies, vat registered companies, vintage or off the shelf companies

The ready-made companies are ready to trade as soon as the new owner buys it. The process of transferring ready-made companies is easy in comparison to forming a new company.

Need a company urgently? dns accountants cater for a large stock of already incorporated companies for you to choose from. At dns, you can also buy UK VAT registered shelf companies to start trading on the very next day.


Process to order a ready-made company

We have an extensive list of Companies House registered company names that are ready to trade immediately, so purchasing a company is only a few steps away. You only need to connect with us to buy your ready made company.

 Process to order a ready-made company

Ready made companies/vintage companies/off the shelf companies/ vat registered companies

dns accountants is your one-stop shop for buying companies. Our list of companies will provide your business with instant history, trustworthiness and creditworthiness. Types of companies we offer are:

  • Ready made companies
  • Vintage companies
  • Off the shelf companies

With dns, you just have to place your order, complete a short online application form, and you’re done! We help ensure that the transfer of the company is made on the same day of the purchase. Once complete, all of the company details and documents are forwarded to you.


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I want to Buy a Company?

Our stock of available companies changes by the hour, please contact us for the most up to date list.

Just fill up this form to buy a company now.

I want to Reserve a Company?

To reserve a company, just fill up this form.

We will reserve your selection for 2 business days, after which the company will automatically be returned to available stock.


Benefits of choosing ready made companies

Saves time involved in creating a new corporation from scratch

Gains opportunity to bid on contracts

Creates appearance of corporate longevity

Gets accelerated access to investment capital


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