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Registered Office Address UK

Numerous legal requirements are required to be fulfilled while incorporating a new company, partnership or a limited liability partnership. The list of documents is vast, and all of them need to be submitted duly to the House of Companies and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Among the many important details are the details of the Registered Office Address UK. All the records are maintained by the government and updated regularly.

A company, or a partnership of any kind, needs a registered office for various purposes. The primary reason for the requirement of a registered office address in UK is to receive letters by post and other vital documents from the government or the clients of the business. There are many questions regarding the details and the ambit of the registered office address which confuses many of us.

Before we get into more in-depth details, you must know that a registered office address does not need to be an office or place you visit regularly. However, the office must exist physically for you to make it as your registered office. Also, the address can be a residential or commercial address. The address should be a complete postal address not just a fragment of the address. Also, you cannot use a P.O. box number unless you include the entire address.

All About Registered Office Address

Registered Office Address

There are many questions about a registered office address. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers. Being aware of the following things is important before you get an address registered as your registered office.

Why Do You Need A Registered Official Address?

As per the company law in the UK, all companies, partnerships and limited liability partnerships need a registered office. The registered office address is added to the public record in the country to maintain transparency. Also, the registered office address serves as the official address to receive important letters and documents.

Can You Change Registered Office Address in UK?

Yes, you can change registered office address of a limited company in UK. This can be done as long as the next address you get registered is in the UK. A person can easily do so by filing for a change. The change in registered office address can be done online as well. You will be required to fill out a few forms before you can change your registered official address. There are different forms for different kinds of companies, choose the one which fits your company. After submitting the form, the new details will be uploaded on the public records within the next twenty-four hours. Also, this change in registered office address will be verified by the U.K government via a letter.

Do you need to store some documents at the registered office?

Yes, there are some documents which you or any company, is legally required to store at the registered office. Here is a list of the vital documents you need to keep at your registered office:

  • A registered of members at the company.
  • The names and addresses of the company’s directors.
  • The minutes of meetings.
  • Register of shareholders and debenture holders.
  • All documents of the company about redemption or purchase of own shares.
  • If it is a limited liability company, then the indemnities of the directors.

You will need to store any other document or documents as prescribed by the law in force at the time. Also, these records can be stored in a hard copy format or digital form.

Which addresses can be used for your registered office’s registration?

Registered office address is a legal requirement for all companies. You can use a residential, commercial or the address of a council house. Although you can use the address of a public or council house, you will need to obtain the permission of your landlord. There will be other matters that you will need to take care of as well. However, if you are using the address of your residential area, you may have to deal with unnecessary visits from the government or other people.

Business addresses and Registered office addresses, is there a difference?

Most people get confused with the two mentioned above. A business address and registered office address seem to be the same but are entirely different. A registered office address is an address where you will receive all the statutory and important letters. Business address, however, is a different thing. A business address serves as the address for your business clients and business partners to make contact with you. The business address is also used for the supplying, production and receiving purposes. There is no statutory rule which says that registered office and business addresses cannot be the same. Many businesses keep the two same, however, for the companies which work outside the boundaries of the country need separated business address. The business addresses can be many, but there can only be one registered office address.

Where can I display the details of the Registered Office Address?

There are various places where you will be required to display the registered office address. Also, you will be required to display or print these details in a legible format, which is easy to read and understand. The details will be presented on anything where the name of the company is visible. You should add the details of the registered office address onto brochures, emails, letter pads, bills, and website. You need to enter the entire address not just a part of the address.

Registered Office Address Services UK

It is clear that a registered office address is required by every Limited company in UK. A company of any nature should provide the details, the entire postal address, for the registered office. It must be kept in mind that any area can be used as the registered office’s address as long as the area is within the boundaries of the United Kingdom.

Finding an address for your registered office may prove to be a mammoth of a task. But luckily there are many registered office services in the country which make this task especially simpler to deal with. These services are called “Registered Office Services” The main objective of these services is to make your work easy. These Registered Office Services provide a legitimate office address for your company in UK. The company’s address will be in the country. These services also give you this service in a specific area.

The features and the services provided vary depending on the company and the service provider chosen by you. There are many Registered Office Services which provide the facility of delivering your letter and documents within three-two hours of receiving the payment and fees for their service. The fees for this kind of services vary largely upon the kind of service these service providers are providing.

But in most cases, the Registered Office Services UK will find an address for your office in no time. This address will be within the country. Also, this service, without a doubt, will always send your letters and documents to your given address. The address you provide to the service provider could be your personal address or a business address. That choice is yours. Most of these Registered Office Services UK are billed annually, and their service is provided throughout the year.


Every company, of any nature, incorporated in the United Kingdom is legally required to maintain a registered office address. This address serves as the address where important notices and letters from the government are received. Also, this address receives important details and notices for matters relating to the company. There are various legal formalities for registration and maintaining a registered office.

There are many services providing the service of providing an address for the registered office exist all over the world. These services make sure that you find the right address at the right time. Also, these services make sure that you receive all the important documents sent to your registered office address in time. As services stand, there are many service providers who provide amazing service. However, there may be some who do not provide the same level of services. To choose the best service read up on their reviews and features.

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