How to do small company accounts?

Have you recently started your business? Well, as an online business, you have a long way to go. It all depends on the perseverance and passion you have to take your business to heights.

Business ownership is becoming common today, and small businesses are flooding the entire market. Therefore it is crucial to understand how you want to move ahead. When starting your online store or small business, you need to ensure that you do accounting correctly.

Over the years, the number of small businesses has grown easily. When your business is in the growth stage, you must know how to keep a record of every piece of information.

How to do small company accounts?

Tips for doing company accounts

Maintaining an account of income and expenses is exceptionally crucial. It will help you analyse your business performance. It's also advisable to use reliable software to maintain payroll and help create invoices.

Some of the common ways for doing small company accounts include the following:

Have a business bank account

One of the most crucial ways to maintain a small company account is to have a business bank account. With a separate bank account, you can maintain taxes and records. Almost all types of company formations have different types of bank accounts.

Before moving on to opening a savings bank account, your business account is crucial. The business account will help you keep a check on the funds and taxes. After that, you can apply for a business credit card. However, before opening the business bank account, make sure to do the research.

Various banks have various criteria and business structures. It is advisable to keep a check on what they have to offer. Furthermore, you should also register the documents and get an appointment with the manager to know the process.

Analyse financial transactions

Always make sure to know about the financial transactions of the business. Every tiny detail will matter, whether the expense or the income. The basic process of accounting starts with maintaining financial transactions.

From the small stages to the big, accounting should be a part of everything. Even when the business takes personal loans, it should be a part of the transaction.

Knowing the document's source can, however, be of great help. It is necessary to understand what is the foundation of recording the transaction.

Journal entries

All the critical business transactions should be recorded in a journal. However, maintaining a journal for business transactions is crucial to maintaining chronological order. As a business, you must keep the single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping.

The journal entry will be divided into two parts that can eventually be efficient for your business. You must maintain a record through the debit and credit system. When the sections are separated, it becomes easier to keep the record.

You can also maintain a special journal through which you can record all your transactions. You must keep details such as cash receipts, sales and purchases. The transactions should be a part of the general journal.

Set up a payroll system

As a new business owner, it is crucial to have a payroll system. If you have just started, you may have to do everything independently. Since you will need extra help, you must hire freelancers or part-time employees.

You must establish a connection for the same. However, when hiring someone, you must maintain complete details regarding their payments. Therefore, maintaining a payroll system can prove to be highly efficient.

Independent contractors should ensure to maintain the records thoroughly. You must keep a check on how much you're paying to each person. As a new business owner, you may need to record the payments to file the taxes.

Adjust the entries

You must maintain a complete record of the transactions. You may use software that can help you adjust all the entries. Whenever you prepare any entry, it is crucial to identify how to move forward.

After making an entry regarding the debit and credit, you must maintain the information carefully.

Keep a check on the import tax

You need to maintain a proper record if your business involves importing things. You can determine your business model and choose accordingly. If you are importing products, you must maintain information regarding taxes and duties.

Importing products becomes more important if you have a small dropshipping business. They will charge a certain fee for incoming goods. Keep details about the country from which the goods are being imported, and know the rules about associated taxes.

Adjust the trial balance

Adjusting the trial balance is of utmost importance. After making the entries, the trial balance adjustment is also crucial. It will check if the credits and debits are in sync.

This process will make it easier to maintain the financial record of the business.

Calculate gross margin

One of the most prominent ways to maintain a small company account is to record gross margin. When you improve the gross margin, you earn more. You can calculate the gross margin percentage depending on the revenue and gross margin you've made.

Gross margin is the difference between the product's selling price subtracted from the product's actual cost. The more the gross margin, the more the chance of profit. It is advisable to be flexible and open to opportunities for maximum advantages.

Re-evaluate your methods

When you start maintaining the business record, manage the accounts. You can use any accounting software to make the transaction calculation. It is also crucial that you retain small details about the business.

Using software helps to save time and money. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about any additional record keeping.


Always make sure to keep track of the business numbers. This will help determine growth for the business. You must keep a record of the business transactions. You must be familiar with the bank account type and how you're maintaining the records. Taking some professional help can come in handy for this.

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