Fee Protection Service By DNS

Tax inspectors have greater powers than ever before: they have the right to enter your premises, check your records, check and even take away your computers; all with no right of appeal.

The discovery of a simple, unintentional error causing an underpayment of tax may lead to you paying HMRC large penalties as well as repaying all the tax you are deemed to owe.

Anyone who completes a tax return could be selected at random for an investigation and the costs to defend these incidents, even though you may be wholly innocent, can be substantial.

The benefit of our fee protection service

Regardless of the outcome of an enquiry, the professional fees involved mount up. Fee protection service ensures that professional fees are covered in the event that you experience an intervention, review, investigation or dispute with HMRC.

Case history: A successful small business was subjected to a full corporation tax enquiry by HMRC. Even though no adjustments were made to the company’s tax return and no extra tax was payable, the professional fees involved totalled over £5,000. These fees were settled in full by DNS fee protection service.