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Finding A Lost UTR Number

Finding a lost utr number

OVERVIEW UTR number A 10-digit number that is unique to either an individual or a company is referred to as a Unique Taxpayer Reference or UTR. The reference identifies an individual personally [...]

Marriage Tax Allowance

Marriage tax allowance

UNDERSTANDING MARRIAGE TAX ALLOWANCE The Marriage Tax Allowance is a less well-known fact, one of the easiest ways to transfer a percentage of Personal Allowance (the tax-free amount earned every [...]

Capital Gains Tax Overview

Capital gains tax overview

UNDERSTANDING CAPITAL GAINS TAX The tax paid on the profit of selling or disposing of an asset, which increases the value or capital, is referred to as Capital Gains Tax (CGT). It is the gain made [...]


Vehicle tax

OverviewWhether an individual is in a HGV or a hatchback, a monster truck or a motorbike – DNS Accountants will get the vehicle tax sorted in no time. First, the following will be required: [...]


Uniform tax

As employees, do you dress in protective clothing or uniform for work, which is specialized? Are you required to wash it, or purchase a new one without the help of the employer? Is it a simple shirt [...]