Having produced CIS returns for hundreds of sub-contractors, we have found that the majority of our clients have paid too much tax or claimed too little tax back due to poorly completed forms. This is why we have opened a specialist service to assist clients with this particular issue.

Super Fast Tax Refund

The service involves us dealing with HMRC directly, on your behalf, to ensure that you receive all the relief you are entitled to. This service is also includes free Tax Investigation Cover to ensure that you do not have to worry about questions or queries from HMRC.

As an efficient firm of accountants, we guarantee that we will:

  • Complete and send your tax returns within 7 days of receiving your information
  • Send you a bound copy of your tax returnv
  • Ensure same-day settlements of any refunds received
  • Always respond to emails within 1 working day at the latest
  • Proactively look for areas in which we can save you tax

This is our promise to you – if you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund you our fees.

Contact us now to see if we can help you save tax and maximise your refunds.